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The Market in Nicosia

2015-08-26 11.04.28

The Market in Nicosia, Cyprus is located just within the walls of the old city. It is a vibrant place with a cross section of colourful characters………..and Veg!

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Minthis Hills, Pafos

Minthis Hills Panorama

Spanning millions of square metres of untamed nature Minthis Hills offers seclusion in a remarkable rural setting. It was recognised at the outset that the density of development should be limited in order to ensure that the integrity of the mountainous character was retained.

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Dover Patrol Memorial


The Dover Patrol was a Royal Navy command of the First World War, notable for its involvement in the Zeebrugge Raid on 22 April 1918. The Dover Patrol formed a discrete unit of the Royal Navy based at Dover and Dunkirk for the duration of the First World War. Its primary task was to prevent enemy German shipping—chiefly submarines—from entering the English Channel en route to the Atlantic Ocean, thereby obliging the German Navy to travel via the much longer route around Scotland which was itself covered by the Northern Patrol.

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Blisworth Tunnel

Grand Union Canal

This photo was taken entering the tunnel Southbound from Blisworth, towards Stoke Bruerne. The Tunnel feels very narrow, although it is wide enough to accommodate two Narrowboats or ONE WideBeam boat. Continue reading

A Day in Amsterdam


Struggling to find a cheap flight to the UK from Cyprus, at the start of the school year, I found a cheap flight to Amsterdam, so I thought I could have a day or two there, then travel on to the UK. As it turned out, I had to get back quickly, so I left the same evening, which only left me one afternoon to look around. Continue reading

Trip to Dover


Taking the road A2 in to Dover, the descent to the busiest port in the UK ends with the sighting of the White Cliffs, which are so symbolic.   Continue reading