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Cyprus Pride 2016

The Cyprus Pride Parade 2016, will took place on Sunday 29th May 2016, in Nicosia.

The central message is “TransForm your Mind” aimed at encouraging everyone to free their mind of all prejudice. At the sametime, it attempts to turn the spotlight on a group of people who,excatly because of the prevailing prejudice, remians in the fringes of society: trans people.

Cyprus Pride//


The two previous Pride events with the impressive participation of the crowd, have had a profound impact on the human rights struggle in our country, proving that the society of Cyprus is more accepting than commonly believed, prepared to understand, to claim and progress, even able to oblige the state itself to follow suit securing for the LGBTI community the right of family. In the process, our state became a little more just, a little more accepting and a little more humane. Continue reading

A trip to Stoke Bruerne

My friend Dorothy who I have know for about three years after meeting on facebook. This lady and her children have become like family. I recently brought Dorothy to our home for the weekend to meet my family and spend some time with us, it was not only a great pleasure, it was in fact a privilege.  Continue reading