Buying an older Camera



We all get swept away with the constant feeling that we need the latest and greatest equipment, but do we? How often do we ask ourselves, what are we going to shoot? What equipment do I need? What will I be doing with the images?

Granted, we may find certain features a great help, buffer rate, ISO performance, etc....but most cameras produced in recent years are more than capable of satisfying the needs of most photographers, most of the time.

There are other factors of course, sadly with photography, image and prestige play a big part. If you were to turn up to photograph a wedding with a couple of Nikon D90s, it would not go down very well, as anyone remotely interested in photography, would make an instant judgement based on your equipment, but the real irony is that they are MORE than capable of producing jaw dropping images, providing that they are fitted with good lenses.

Creativity - Light - Lens - Camera..............The camera comes LAST!


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