Minolta 58mm f1.4

The market is literally FLOODED with old manual focus lenses, as everyone has moved on the latest autofocus lenses that are fragile, to say the least, but they do perform an important task of autofocusing, but is that always important?

Certainly, manual focusing is more difficult on the latest DSLRs than it was on the original film cameras that these lenses were produced for, mainly because the focusing screens are not designed for it (older film cameras had split focusing and a Fresnel area within a circle in the middle to aid focusing).

However, with the growth of the mirrorless camera, which often have something called 'focus assist' which has a very intelligent feature that highlights anything that is in focus, making manual focusing a doddle.

That brings us back to the old manual focus lenses that have suddenly found a new lease of life! Among them is this gem, which I absolutely love, the Minolta 58mm f/1.4.

This beauty of a lens is really getting on now, but thanks to its great build quality there are plenty of pristine examples around for very little money.

Even though lenses have got sharper over the years, (not all of them) it depends what you are using the lens for. Some of these older lenses have real 'Character' that can give images a beautiful look that is unique. Certainly for portraits, the almost clinical lenses made today do not give the same feel to an image.

If you do buy one, try to buy one from Japan, they really look after their camera gear and order the relevant adaptor for your mirrorless camera and you will have a stunning portrait/Artistic lens for next to nothing.

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