Mirrorless vs DSLR

The debate about Mirrorless vs DSLR has hotted up as the Mirrorless systems have become far more capable. A quick chat about the points to consider, neither system wins hands down, but with the ease that DSLR lenses can be used on Mirrorless, they can work together superbly.

I have use of both systems and in many cases, I still love to use my old Nikon V1, why? Bec

ause it is tiny, it is quiet, it is tough, it has fantastic autofocus, it creates wonderful full HD video and most of all, it is UNOBTRUSIVE. However, if I am doing anything that requires my remote flash controller, or I ma using a bigger zoom lens, the weight balance is still better on a DSLR as the lenses cannot get smaller, when they are like for like.

As I explain in this video, due the to the shorter flange distance (the distance from the lens to the sensor) it is possible to buy a cheap adaptor and use many DSLR lenses on a Mirrorless camera, even the old manual focus lenses which are readily available at great prices because focusing with a manual lens on a Mirrorless is easier than ever thanks to the intelligent Zebra feature which highlights anything that is in focus clearly.

For many, the switch to Mirrorless may not be on the cards yet, but a Mirrorless camera can certainly compliment your camera system.


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