Situated on the banks of the river Rhine, the city of Strasbourg is known for its historical and cultural sights, as well as its specific, picturesque ambiance. Famous for its Cathedral which is the highest medieval building in Europe, for its channels which encircle the city centre and bring to the charm of the scenery, for its traditional Christmas Market, lovely parks and a distinctive traditional cuisine, Strasbourg offers its visitors a variety of unique experiences.

France, Strasbourg


Its rich history and the fact that through the centuries it has been under strong cultural influence of Germany, gives Strasbourg a distinctive appearance – the charm of the old part of the city (“Petite France”) is easily combined with the splendour of institutional buildings inspired by “German” architecture. This mixture of influences is also present in the local cuisine in which you can enjoy in one of many Strasbourg restaurants.

Due to the fact that the city is home to numerous international organizations, Strasbourg is also known as a capital of Europe – the sights as the building of European Parliament or the European Court of Human Rights are the best symbol of the international importance that Strasbourg holds.

In addition, as being home to one of the oldest European universities, Strasbourg is a city with a large student population which gives a city a consistent liveliness.

Besides being the European capital, Strasbourg is also the capital of Alsace, the French province famous for its charming villages, its enchanting forests, and above all, its cuisine and white wine. In this way, the city makes an ideal departure point for day trips and additional sight-seeing.

Whether you’ll be staying in one of many enchanting hotels in the very city centre or in hostels on the pleasant outskirts of town, the local transport makes every type of sightseeing incredibly easy and joyful.



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