The consultation stage is about establishing your needs, your requirements and your budget. At this point, we will establish what you would like and how to go about getting it done, along with the time-frame.


At the planning stage, we will set out the time-frame and procedure for the creation of your site, including content creation, images and any other relevant material.


At the design stage, we will begin to work through the creation of your new website. We like to work in stages and consult on all the matter s discussed at the planning stage as the site progresses. 


At the content creation stage, we will be consulting with you on adding information, links, data, forms, whatever is needed to complete your site. We will then make any adjustments that may be necessary to complete the site to your satisfaction.


Once the site is complete, we will then address the matter of Search Engine Optimisation, crucial to your website's online presence. This includes, search terms, along with your site's appearance in organic searches.


A website is worthless if it is not seen, Social Media Marketing can have a huge impact on the performance of a website, therefore this is an area that must be given the attention it deserves.



Visit my Projects Pages to see live examples of my work. 







What my clients are saying....

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James Marsden Cambridge

"Thank you very much for making the process so easy, great communication"

Emma Donald Bedford

"Inspiring, creative and efficient, everything was just perfect, thank you very much"

Greg Vernon Towcester

"I already had a site and thought it was adequate, until I saw your finished result!"




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