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Dutch asylum minister resigns over ‘hidden’ assylum crime figures

Junior justice minister Mark Harbers has indicated he expects to resign, following the publication of police figures which ‘hid’ the number of asylum seekers suspected of serious crimes. Harbers said in a written statement to MPs that the mistake was his responsibility and that he wishes to debate the issue in parliament before ‘drawing his own conclusions’ – a euphemism for stepping down. It is unclear when the debate will take place.

The figures, which were published last week, included suspicions of rape (4) and murder (31) under the heading ‘other’. Harbers was then accused of attempting to hide the figures. Harbers said that the ministry had been warned not to come up with a top 10 crimes for which asylum seekers were suspects because that meant serious crime would be hidden. However, civil servants had not taken that advice, Harbers said. Harbers told MPs he now wants to be fully transparent about the figures ‘because this is the only way to maintain support for the cabinet’s refugee policy’.

physical abuse, threatening behaviour and a further 1,000 incidents listed as ‘other

Fake refugees The figures showed ‘fake’ asylum seekers who come from so-called safe countries, namely Morocco and Algeria, were responsible for almost half the 4,600 incidents requiring police intervention. While most cases involved shoplifting or pickpocketing, police also registered cases of physical abuse, threatening behaviour and a further 1,000 incidents listed as ‘other’.

The Telegraaf reported on Thursday morning this total included 79 potential sex crimes, including 47 cases of sexual assault, five allegations of child abuse and four alleged rapes plus a string of other violent offences. The figures do not make it clear how many cases eventually went to court and how many asylum seekers were convicted.


This is not an exception, it is the norm. The political classes are FULLY AWARE of the implications of uncontrolled immigration on crime, social cohesion and moral panic, but they are doing their utmost to hide it. The current obsession with so called ‘Fake News’ is not about protecting the public from lies, it is to protect themselves from the truth.

In this instance, one of my favourite quotes leaps to mind.

Do not hurt me with lies, because I can destroy you with the truth!

Animal cruelty in Cyprus must end

The Cyprus Mail:  The government is taking measures to raise awareness about animal welfare and to improve living conditions of animals, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis has said. The minister announced the release of three more video clips on animal welfare that aim to raise awareness about micro-chipping dogs, adopting shelter dogs, and neutering and spaying cats.

In one video clip a boy loses his dog, which ends up in a shelter because it didn’t have a microchip. Another video clip stresses the importance of adopting dogs from shelters and the third one, aiming to raise awareness on cat neutering and spaying, shows a couple abandoning kittens born by their cat in a field.

“It is imperative to change the way many people treat animals. Such information campaigns contribute in this direction,” Kadis said.

He said an effort is underway in cooperation with the Game and Wildlife Fund and the Cyprus Hunters’ Federation for the obligatory registration of hunting dogs, including their microchipping, during the procedure of issuing hunting permits.

“This measure is expected to contribute substantially to the reduction of stray dogs as well as to the phenomenon of dog theft.”

At the same time, he said, the agriculture ministry has developed a single database in which veterinarians have to add the microchip number of each animal as they install it. Kadis said his ministry is currently in consultations in the Veterinary Association to implement a dog micro-chipping programme at a very low price to offer an incentive to owners to microchip their dogs and gradually reduce the problem of strays.

A cat neutering and spaying programme has been successfully implemented for the second consecutive year in collaboration with animal welfare organisations, he said, adding that this programme is improving year after year and that his ministry intends to continue it. He also referred to the government bill aimed at amending the law on dogs, which, he said, introduces new provisions for better living conditions of dogs. Among other things, the bill forbids keeping dogs permanently tied to a chain and keeping them on roofs and balconies.

“An important provision of this law is that there are incentives to neuter and spay dogs and reduce their uncontrolled breeding. At the same time, harsh fines are being introduced on pollution and nuisance,” he said.

A public consultation is currently underway on the bill.

The minister also said that state funding to animal welfare organisations has been doubled and that he would table to cabinet within the coming days a proposal on further supporting organisations that also have animal shelters to meet the conditions of the new law.


Although an increasing number of people in Cyprus have begun to care about animals, generally, they are not treated well. There is a big problem with stray Cats, that roam the streets in huge numbers, although many do find regular sources of food, many do not. The problem with this is that lost of them are actually rounded up and mistreated, dumped or attacked. There is also an issue with Dogs, many people take on a Dog to use for hunting, but when they have finished with it, they dump it, or mistreat it. The majority of people in Cyprus keep Dogs tied up day and night and rarely take them for a walk.

There is an urgent need for people to learn to respect animals and an even greater need for those who abuse them to be prosecuted.