A Day in Amsterdam


Struggling to find a cheap flight to the UK from Cyprus, at the start of the school year, I found a cheap flight to Amsterdam, so I thought I could have a day or two there, then travel on to the UK. As it turned out, I had to get back quickly, so I left the same evening, which only left me one afternoon to look around.

It’s amazing how different it looks and feels to London, the atmosphere is completely different as is the nature of the people, not better or worse, just different.

On leaving the airport, I got the train to the city centre, where I wandered off and had a look around. One of the first observations I made was the volume of traffic using the shuttle ferries. It seems like chaos, people boarding on foot, on scooters and even a little Smart Car!

I then wandered off in search of a traditional ‘Coffe Shop’ where I could get hold of a ‘Funny Cigarette’ to try. It’s as easy as buying a cup of coffee, though I was required to smoke it outside. I tried 2/3 puffs, but didn’t like it at all, just made me cough, so I gave it away to a foreign looking lad and made his day.

I then wandered off for a walk up the square, where ‘Maddame Tussauds’ is, took a few more photos and then slowly made my way back to the station, where I noticed the ‘Sex Museum’ along the way. I only took a couple of shots from the outside and then carried on to get my train.


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