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Cyprus criticises Orthodox bishop for insulting gays

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — An official says the Cyprus government is “greatly troubled and dismayed” by an Orthodox Christian bishop’s comments on homosexuality, which he said were needlessly stirring up social tensions on the Mediterranean island nation. Government spokesman Prodromos Prodromou said Tuesday that Morphou Bishop Neophytos’ remarks clash with… Read More »Cyprus criticises Orthodox bishop for insulting gays

Cypriot History – Armenians

A large part of the Armenian community in Cyprus descends from survivors of the 1915 genocide in Anatolia who initially settled in neighbourhoods of the capital Nicosia. Following the independence of the island from British colonialists in 1960, these neighbourhoods fell under Turkish-Cypriot administration. As the ethnic conflict unfolded between… Read More »Cypriot History – Armenians

Cypriot History Timeline

Human habitation of Cyprus dates back to the Paleolithic era. Cyprus’s geographic position has caused Cyprus to be influenced by differing Eastern Mediterranean civilisations over the millennia. Periods of Cyprus’s history from 1050 BC have been named according to styles of pottery found as follows: Cypro-Geometric I: 1050-950 BC Cypro-Geometric II: 950-850 BC Cypro-Geometric III: 850-700… Read More »Cypriot History Timeline

Ethnic identity in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. This is the third largest and most populous island in the region and located east of Greece. The island of Cyprus has been inhabited since the 10th millennium BC and has a population estimated at 1.20 million in 2019. Cyprus… Read More »Ethnic identity in Cyprus