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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

The Caravan Show

I had an interesting day at the Caravan Show at the NEC.  I had the opportunity to go with a friend who is a keen Caravanner and attends frequently.


This interesting gentleman seemed to get a lot of attention walking around in his smart clothes with his Penny Farthin. He was more than happy to pose for this shot.

The show is actually enormous and easily fills all 5 show halls. It certainly took all day to walk round and that was done in a hurry.

This cute little Caravan, designed and manufactured by Barefoot Caravans, was actually the brainchild of a lady called Cathy, who was actually a Solicitor, who wanted to do something more creative. I spoke to her in great detail about her beautiful creation, and she was with good reason, very proud of it.

I absolutely loved this little gem of Caravan, although small and light, it is stunning, retro, but up to date, it has more than enough space inside and all the facilities anyone who is travelling about and stopping as and when they like.

The advantage of this little beauty is that it is not too wide, easy to tow and yet still has enough space to cook a meal, sit down to eat it, sleep and take a shower.

Further information visit Barefoot Caravans

This is a Caravan made entirely with Lego bricks, purely for show purposes of course, but nevertheless, quite a feat. There was a time lapse video of it’s construction, now that was certainly a lot of work.

This is the Caravan of the year made by Adora, they are really nicely laid out and this model seemed to offer great value when compared to some of the others, probably why it is the Caravan of the year.

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