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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

Antony Antoniou
Development, redevelopment or renovation projects wanted within the proximity to Disneyland Paris

You might be wondering if we’re selling the Disneyland now…?

Exciting as it would be, the answer is nope.

But we are looking for the development, redevelopment or renovation projects within the proximity to Disneyland Paris. 🙂


Our clients are looking for: development, redevelopment or renovation projects large enough for them for the construction/renovation work to be done, namely:

  • On which they could develop a minimum of 3 000 sqm Gross Floor Area.

  • City centers, neighborhood cores, proximity to subways, business, historical and tourist centers

  • Developed OR emerging economic environments & destination locations (such as an amusement park, ski stations, etc.)


Our Client will look at opportunities located anywhere in France or in the United Kingdom, but on this occasion, we would like to bring the focus on the PARIS Region :

  • Stations of the new transport links within the Greater Paris

  • Paris City Center

  • Hauts de Seine

  • St Ouen

  • Bagnolet

  • Montreuil

  • Aubervilliers & Roissy CDG Airport

  • Orly Airport

  • Marne la Vallée (Disney)

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