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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

Antony Antoniou


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I am Antony Antoniou, a self-taught property investor, developer and mentor. I have been involved in all aspects of property for decades. In recent years I have also progressed in to sales of luxury property and after starting a local luxury property company, based in Northamptonshire, I launched Trellows Estate Agents, during the 2020 lockdown.

The company started from ground up, and now boasts a large team, marketing luxury property ranging up to many millions in the UK, Spain, Dubai, Cyprus and Greece. Trellows has now expended in to residential and commercial investments and developments throughout the UK.

Unlike traditional agents, we have embraced modern marketing methods, including a dedicated ‘Digital Marketing Team’ ensuring that we generate unparalleled exposure for the company and our properties.

In the last few months, we have also branched out in to Investments & Developments, which are listed on our dedicated investments website. The experience and networking capability afforded to me via Trellows, enables me to offer the very best in advice, mentoring and support to investors of all calibre.

I share what I’ve learned from the ‘school of hard knocks’ along the way and what it takes to become a successful property investor.

My entrepreneurial spirit and eye for an opportunity led me into many ventures, culminating in property investment. I figured out 50% of the Rich List earned their fortune from property investing, with the other 50% keeping their capital in property.

I took the knocks, rode the waves, and learned everything there is to know about property investment.  I spotted opportunities and figured out new property investment strategies. These strategies, often for a lot less than you might think and in ways you can’t imagine, are at the heart of the Academy.

 Since my early days, when I had little more than a hope and a prayer, I set out on my mission to invest in property.  One that you can now profit from via the Property Investor Academy, and join hundreds of financially free students (many of whom I’m now a co-investor with)

Passionate about property


I started in 2004 with a small sum of money and a will to succeed.  I bought six properties to rent out, but after property number six I found all my capital was tied up in deposits. I was determined not to let the dream die, so I found out everything there was to know about the property investment market: the law, the ins and outs of the mortgage market, who the key players in the system are, when and how to negotiate, where there were opportunities to exploit.  All fully legal, and all instrumental in forming my advanced strategies for property investment.

Once I discovered how to recycle my cash, I set myself a target of buying 52 properties in 52 weeks. I actually succeeded in buying 52 properties in 48 weeks.

These strategies have taken me to a current portfolio of numerous properties yielding a substantial monthly income.

My time is now split between increasing and developing my property investments, and the Property Millionaire Academy.  Property investing is highly rewarding, personally and financially, and a lot of fun, often it doesn’t seem like work at all.  I stay in contact with many of the Academy


The more successful that I became, the more people I met who would ask for advice, people who couldn’t find answers to their questions.

I set up the Property Investor Academy to educate, coach, mentor and help those who, like me, yearned to be financially free and in charge of their own destiny.  Many of those I’ve helped have become friends and people I’ve co-invested with to extend my property portfolio.

The Property Investor Academy tuition is delivered on a one-to-one basis, for those who want to venture further, coaching, private mentoring and partnership opportunities are available.

Every person’s circumstances are different, but even if you are starting from zero, I can plot out a pathway for you to become a successful property investor.