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Antony Antoniou


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Partnership Program

Partnership Program

I collaborate directly with a limited number of property investors, providing them with guidance on becoming professional property investors. I teach them how to find and finance deals effectively. Whether you have cash available and want to learn how to generate £200,000 annually by flipping properties with my support as a safety net, or if you lack funds but still aspire to earn £100,000 through property flipping, there are opportunities for you. By working with a dedicated joint venture partner from one of my clients, who is experienced and committed full-time, or myself, you can benefit from this arrangement.

The Programme

Participants in the Partnership Programme enjoy a substantial profit of £20,000 on each deal. Additionally, they gain access to creative strategies for funding deals that are advantageous for all parties involved.

The Programme itself is exclusive, open only to a select number of applicants. If chosen, you will receive hands-on training, working closely alongside my team and myself. Moreover, you will have the opportunity to secure my funding for your projects. We take a systematic approach, sharing our extensive knowledge and experience. We cover various topics such as funding, zero-cost marketing, negotiation, project budgeting and management, due diligence, and more. Your learning experience will involve shadowing and participating in live, hands-on activities.

During your first project, we will provide close support until you feel confident enough to apply your knowledge in your local area. This will enable you to build your property portfolio and maximize your potential for future profits.

If you possess the commitment, ability, and resources necessary to become a professional property developer, I encourage you to apply now. I personally review all applications, although interview opportunities are limited, especially for Partnership Places. To apply, please Contact me and share details about yourself, your current situation, and why I should consider working with you.

The Partnership Programme offers three options for profit-sharing and financing, depending on your individual circumstances and goals. Each option is designed to ensure that all parties involved benefit mutually from their investment of both time and money.


  1. Question: What does the Partnership Programme offer to property investors?

   The Partnership Programme offers hands-on learning, working closely with experienced professionals, and access to funding for projects.

  1. Question: How can someone benefit from the Partnership Programme if they have no cash?

   Answer: Individuals with no cash can still benefit from the Partnership Programme by working with a full-time and experienced joint venture partner from the Academy, earning £100,000 flipping property.

  1. Question: What is the profit potential for those on the Partnership Programme?

   Answer: Participants in the Partnership Programme can benefit to the tune of £20,000 profit on each deal, using creative strategies to fund deals that benefit all parties involved.

  1. Question: What topics are covered in the Partnership Programme’s step-by-step approach?

   Answer: The Partnership Programme covers various topics such as funding, zero-cost marketing, negotiation, project budgeting and management, due diligence, and more.

  1. Question: How can individuals apply for the Partnership Programme?

   Answer: To apply for the Partnership Programme, individuals need to email Tracey, sharing details about themselves, their situation, and why they should be considered for the programme.