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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

Landlord Services

Professional Tenancy Agreements

Simplify your rental process, with a bespoke rental agreement prepared to your requirements. This can include special conditions guarantors, provision for rental increases and a few other clauses that I would be happy to discuss with you. 


Professional Services

Book an EPC

As a qualified DEA, I am able to offer Energy Performance Certificates as well as reports for those planning to improve their EPC rating.

Sell your Home

With a lifetime of knowledge and experience in Northamptonshire, I am best placed to market your home and achieve the best price.

Book a Video Call

Book a 30 minute video call with me, where I will be available to talk through your plans to move and assist you in deciding what to do.

Order search packs directly

Ensure that your purchase progresses quickly. Get your property search packs through our trusted supplier for only £299.

Order your
property search packs

SPVs - Setting up and Management

Tex Efficiency

Deduct your mortgage interest payments from your tax liability, and keep more of your profits.

Lower Personal Risk

Shield your portfolio if anything goes wrong with one of your properties (like a default or lawsuit).

Group Investment

Invest with friends, family and partners to spread the risk and get better LTV for your mortgage.

Your Children can own Shares

Under 18s cannot own property, but they can own shares in an SPV, creating more options.