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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

Property Sourcing in Northamptonshire

Professional market research for the right deals.


With the rising population and limited housing stock, investing in property is a wise move. As a property expert based in Northamptonshire, I can search the market for profitable investment opportunities across Northamptonshire and indeed, the rest of the company, as I am the director of an international estate agents, I am best placed to find the right investments, that yield an excellent ROI.

Offering a tailored service, we work with both seasoned investors and first-timers. With a wealth of experience in the market and local region, we provide a complete service to increase the property value and returns on your investment. For more information or to enquire about current opportunities, please do not hesitate to get in touch.



A property sourcer is someone who finds property deals for investors in exchange for a fee. The role of the property sourcer is to act as the middle-man between the buyer and seller, making the process as simple as possible for both parties. The sourcer will actively look for property deals on behalf of the buyer by working with local agents or going direct to vendor. Property deals come in different forms, such as a ready to go single lets or a rundown property requiring a full refurbishment.


There are two types of property sourcers. A bespoke sourcer will provide a more tailored service to their investors –  working with only a small number of investors at a time and finding properties to order in the investors’ chosen areas. This is our chosen method because we can focus on providing more value and quality this way. The other alternative is to find great property deals and then find investors for these deals.



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