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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

Property Q&A

Property Q&A is where I will directly respond to any questions about property, from you. If you have any questions about anything to do with property, you can contact me directly:

A guide to Permitted Development Rights

A guide to Permitted Development Rights Understanding Permitted Development Rights for Repurposing Commercial Properties Introduction: In September 2020, significant changes were introduced regarding permitted development rights, specifically for repurposing commercial properties into residential use. These changes brought about a new use class, Class E, which encompasses various types of establishments… Read More »A guide to Permitted Development Rights

Property Q&A

Leasehold home scandal to end

Leasehold revolution! Rip-off charges that trap families in unsellable homes will be banished in bid to end scandal of unscrupulous landlords Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick unveiled new laws to help leaseholders today Changes will mean almost 4.5m people will be ‘thousands of pounds better off’ Rip-off charges which trap families… Read More »Leasehold home scandal to end

Property Q&A

Property Q&A 15th May 2020

Property Q&A 15th May 2020 In this episode, I respond to the following questions: Elena HaniotisHi, do you know if there are any 85% LTV mortgages available? The mortgage I had a decision in principle on before the lockdown was withdrawn, but the house I’m after is still available, but… Read More »Property Q&A 15th May 2020

Property Q&A

Property Q&A Introduction

I have been involved in property for over three decades, during which time, I have experienced all manner of successes and problems. I have seen interest rates rocket overnight, putting perfectly solvent families in dire straits, I have seen the explosion of the Buy-to-Let market, that brought with it a… Read More »Property Q&A Introduction