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Office worker launches Britain’s first major legal challenge to use of surveillance technology

Office worker who was captured by police facial recognition camera while Christmas shopping launches Britain’s first major legal challenge to use of surveillance technology.

The BBC reported that Ed Bridges decided to launch legal action after being picked up by a facial recognition unit on two occasions.

  • Ed Bridges had his image captured by facial recognition cameras while shopping
  • He was then ‘recognised’ at a peaceful anti-arms-trade demo the following year
  • He and civil rights campaigners Liberty are taking South Wales Police to court
  • They argue the use of the technology breaches his human rights 

The first major legal challenge to police use of automated facial recognition surveillance will begin in Cardiff today. A man whose image was taken while doing some Christmas shopping in Cardiff, by cameras operated by South Wales Police, says the system breached his human rights, blaming weak regulation.

Civil rights group Liberty, who will be representing office worker Ed Bridges, has even compared the current use of the tool to taking DNA or fingerprints without consent.

It says it breached Bridges’ human rights to privacy, freedom of assembly, and freedom from discrimination. South Wales Police defends using AFR but has not commented on the case. Mr Bridges told the BBC that in December 2017: ‘I popped out of the office to do a bit of Christmas shopping and on the main pedestrian shopping street in Cardiff, there was a police van.

‘By the time I was close enough to see the words ‘automatic facial recognition’ on the van, I had already had my data captured by it.

‘That struck me as quite a fundamental invasion of my privacy.’

He was also ‘recognised’ by the cameras at a peaceful protest against the arms trade, in 2018. His legal challenge argues the use of the tool breached his human right to privacy as well as data protection and equality laws.


Although the use of these devices has been justified for numerous reasons, this is always the case, the pattern is consistent:

Create a problem

Exaggerate the problem

Create fear

Offer a solution

Further erode civil liberties


We have already reached the age where protests are illegal, unless they are granted permission, well in advance, to allow the authorities to either, prevent, sabotage or divert attention. You may at first glance believe that to be a good thing, but most people’s intake of current affairs is at best, little more than a fleeting glance, therefore what we are presented in little snippets may be far removed from the truth.

In fact, I myself have been in the vicinity of a protest in London, where there was absolutely no trouble whatsoever, but I aw images of burned out cars released that had nothing to do with the event, but they still succeeded in creating the image of hooliganism, where in fact it was just people protesting about basic essentials.

We are now in an age when the authorities are using this technology to make a digital recording of every one of us, thereby enabling them to identify us anywhere at any time. It will not be long when even more draconian laws are in place and anyone seen where they should not be, will be prosecuted. This must  be objected to, while we are still free to object.



China Announces Plans To Build International Space Prison

The Onion has reported………….

BEIJING—In a highly anticipated announcement that is being met with widespread enthusiasm by Chinese Communist Party officials across the country, the People’s Republic of China unveiled plans Monday to build and operate a new state-of-the-art international space prison by the year 2018.

The detainment complex, expected to orbit approximately 200 miles above the Earth, will reportedly be the most technologically advanced of its kind ever built, and officials from the China National Space Administration claim it will propel the exploration of criminal punishment forward in ways never before thought possible.

“Today marks the beginning of a bold new era in maximum security imprisonment,” Chinese president Xi Jinping said during a nationally televised address announcing the ambitious “ISP Program.” “Utilizing our nation’s great pioneering spirit, we will have a fully operational prison base in space before the end of the decade. This will move China to the forefront of human persecution and enable us to make historic leaps and bounds in the confinement of those who subvert the Republic.”

“Ultimately, though, we hope the ISP will serve as a vessel for international cooperation,” Jinping continued. “The governments of North Korea, Iran, Cuba, and Russia have already pledged financial support and their own convicts to the project. One day, this glorious facility will be filled with inmates representing countries from every corner of the world.”

According to officials, the sprawling 60,000-square-foot facility will be the largest man-made satellite in history, containing over 3,000 prison cells, 500 solitary confinement pods, and as many as 10 cutting-edge torture labs.

Construction of the base’s highly advanced components will reportedly cost over $130 billion and will require roughly 10,000 man-hours from peasants toiling in forced labor camps.

“The orbital prison will be completely self-sustaining,” said ISP lead engineer Li Xuanzhi, explaining that refuse, waste, and 100 randomly selected prisoners will be jettisoned into space twice each week. “The station will be equipped with thousands of custom-built solar panels for converting sunlight to electricity, which will then be used to simultaneously power the entire facility and put detainees through electroshock torture. Moreover, a progressive new electrical grid will enable guards to adjust the temperature in individual cells to either negative 15 degrees or 110 degrees Fahrenheit.”

According to sources, a select group of 15 Chinese men and women caught criticizing the deteriorating standard of living in rural Lanzhou have already been chosen as the first to be confined in the historic ISP station.

The captives will reportedly undergo a battery of tests and intense training in preparation for the conditions awaiting them in space, including being submerged underwater for minutes at a time, being spun in a human centrifuge at high g-forces until they lose consciousness, undergoing days of sleep deprivation, and having teeth slowly pulled from their mouths with pliers. Sources also confirmed that CNSA engineers have designed a zero-gravity simulator in order to acclimate the inmates to the daily 20-hour shifts of hard labor in the prison’s revolutionary Re-education Module.

“The human body functions very differently without the effects of gravitational pull, so the ISP will allow us to examine how prisoners react to starvation, beatings, isolation, and psychological torture in the weightless environment of space,” said Xuanzhi. “One of the first experiments we look to carry out will determine whether a human rights activist can simply survive for two weeks in space without any food or water. From there, we can chain them to the outside of the spacecraft and monitor their vital signs as they are subjected to incredibly high doses of radiation from the sun.”

“These types of trials will allow for groundbreaking advancements in human confinement and subjugation,” Xuanzhi added. “The ISP can open new doors to faster and more effective methods of sentencing without judicial process, and in the end we hope to push the boundaries of aeronautical technology and incarceration in order to make life far worse for prisoners here on earth.”

Experts say China has been keen to launch an international space prison ever since the Soviet Union successfully sent the world’s first modular space gulag, the Vinovnyy, into low orbit in 1989.

With Vinovnyy no longer in commission as of 1996, China is reportedly aiming to use its international space prison to not only break new ground in convict discipline but also inspire a whole new generation of children to be obedient, loyal, and patriotic.



So China has a fleet of execution buses, that drive around and collect prisoners, execute them on board as directed by the message on their data-head, then deliver the required organ where it is needed.

They have now made great strides towards a dystopian society with their social credit system and now this?

Mind you, do not be fooled, the west is being manipulated in to sealing its own fate, we are being manipulated by the likes of facebook which is used to punish us for daring to post a nipple or speaking against the narrative and encouraging people to report each other for daring to say anything that is not politically correct.

Symbolic Pics of the Month Feb 2019


How many of you have had your kids come home pulling ‘one eye poses’ that seem to be a bit of a craze, without realising the sinister infernal undertone?

So many images in the public domain have a sinister side, from encouraging self-harm, to the ubiquitous display of all things Satanic, like incorporating Baphomet in to mainstream sports posters.

This is not something that is effecting some remote people in a remote place, this is the in-doctrine that is being thrust upon your children every day.

View this months symbolic Pics HERE


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