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Turkish Invasion

Cyprus 15th August 1974

NICOSIA, Cyprus, Thursday, Aug. 15—Turkish forces, which began a heavy air and ground attack early yesterday, appeared, today to be on their way toward seizing control of much of northern Cyprus. A strong air strife on Nicosia sent thousands of Greek Cypriots fleeing southward. Last night, after a daylong battle… Read More »Cyprus 15th August 1974

Cyprus – 44 years of division

Cypriots woke up Friday to the sound of sirens, marking the 44th anniversary since Turkish invasion. The invasion of Cyprus came only five days after the coup engineered by the military junta, then ruling Greece, that toppled the democratically-elected president of Cyprus, the late Archbishop Makarios III. Air-raid sirens sounded at… Read More »Cyprus – 44 years of division