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Migrant workers not respected in Cyprus

It’s Tuesday 30th April 2019, a friend of mine was driving through Limassol, when a car came flying out of nowhere and hit a migrant worker on a scooter,  she had sent him flying.

He landed in the middle of the road, my friend ran over to check him out and he said he could not feel his legs. She called 911 and requested Police and Ambulance, but in the meantime, a passing police car stopped. The officers got out and their response?

“It looks like you can speak English and you can communicate with him, so carry on!”

Really? Who is actually supposed to be trained in CPR? In the meantime, the Police officer just stepped back and went back to his vape, when a worker from a kiosk offered a bottle of water. The Police officer said. “yes, give him some water if he wants” to which my friend said “NO! He could be injured internally and it could choke him”

The ambulance took 25 minutes to arrive, even though the hospital is about 3 minutes away!

Cyprus is experiencing the unfolding of its first serial killer, someone who actually prayed on immigrants, women who were reported as missing to the police but NOTHING was done to look in to it. Whilst they may not have prevented the death of the first, or second, or third, the figure is up to SEVEN  so far, maybe, just maybe, the last one or two could have been saved, but the Police suffer from institutional apathy, arrogance and lack of respect for anyone who is not Cypriot.

I would call it racism, but it is not even about race, the minute any victim is revealed to be anything other than Cypriot, they just don’t care, even with Cypriots, they only make an effort when it is someone who they feel matters, be they influential, related or otherwise connected.

It is now time for the police to shaken up and forced to perform their duty, not just collect fines for misdemeanours! 

Mitsero Murders – The timeline so far


April 14: A naked and bound female body was found in a Mitsero mine shaft by two foreigners taking photos, body retrieved at 8.30pm

April 15: Evidence emerges the dead woman is Mary Rose Tiburcio, 39, from the Philippines reported missing by her roommate on May 5, 2018, along with her daughter. Search for  Tiburcio’s daughter Sierra, 6, begins

April 16: Former partner of Tiburcio and father of the girl, a 33-year-old Romanian national is arrested, passport of missing daughter found at his home

April 17: The suspect is remanded for eight days

April 18: Authorities plan draining the mine shaft to look for the body of Sierra but the plan is abandoned because of fears the structure may cave in

April 18: Police arrest two more suspects, both Greek Cypriot officers in the National Guard, aged 30 and 35

April 19: The court remands the two men and releases the Romanian man, saying they are close to solving the murder after reports surface that the 35-year-old Greek Cypriot suspect confessed

April 20: A second decomposed naked and bound female body is found in the same mine shaft while crews search without success for Sierra at a lake in Xyliatos reservoir where the suspect says he threw the child. The possibility of more bodies is mentioned by police as evidence emerges that the victim met murderer on social media site Badoo. The 30-year-old suspect is released. His photo had been used unbeknown to him on Badoo.

April 21: The 35-year-old’s name is unofficially publicised as Nicos Metaxas, a father of two who is estranged from his wife.

April 22: The post-mortem on the second woman fails to identify her, but she is believed to be Arian Palanas Lozano, 28, from the Philippines, reported who went missing on July 21, 2018 . The search for Sierra continue at Xyliatos. Underwater cameras are used but find nothing.

April 22: The search for more bodies in Mitsero is postponed for safety reasons pending repair of metal beams. A representative of the Filipino community in Cyprus suggests 30-year-old Maricar Valdez Arquila who went missing in December 2017 may also be a victim

April 23: A new post mortem is carried out on the second body in the presence of anthropologists. It determined she was Asian woman but fails to establish that it is Arian

April 24: Police are investigating a third murder case following analysis of the suspect’s phone data. It is believed to be related to the disappearance of Maricar. Metaxas is taken to court in connection with the date evidence and remanded for two more days.

April 25: In the afternoon police find a third decomposed body of a woman at a firing range at Orounta after being led there by Metaxas, police sources suggest number of victims could be as high as seven. The suspect reportedly said he killed an Indian or Nepalese woman in the summer of 2018 and dumped her body in Orounta. He also reportedly admitted to killing a Romanian woman and her daughter at a time he did not specify. The Romanian is likely to be Livia Florentina Bunea, 36, the other victim her daughter Elena Natalia, 8 both of whom went missing on September 30, 2016

April 26: Efforts begin anew to find four unaccounted for victims in the red lake at the Mitsero mine. The search continues at Xyliatos for Sierra. Specialised divers are deployed.

April 27: Metaxas appears in court and is remanded for a further eight days. The court heard that he gave police a 10-page handwritten confession. Investigators also named the Orounta victim as possibly Kata Anou, a woman from Nepal who was not reported missing.

April 28: One of three suitcases being searched for at the Mitsero red lake was retrieved, containing the body of a woman either that of Livia or Maricar.  The identification process was taking place at the morgue in Nicosia. The retrieval of the second suitcase will happen on Monday April 29 and the search will continue to locate a third suitcase believed to be in the lake.

April 29: Efforts to retrieve the second suitcase are hampered by near-zero visibility in the red lake in Mitsero. A post mortem conducted on the body found in the first suitcase is inconclusive. A five-member team of Scotland Yard was on the island to assist in the investigation.

April 30: The team of Scotland Yard experts is briefed on the case. The search for the second and third suitcase in the lake is resumed. A second post-mortem on the body found in the suitcase is expected to be carried out.

The Cyprus Red Lake

Kokkinolimni (Red lake) or Kokkinopezoula (acid lake) near Mitsero old mine

If you’ve ever heard anyone talk about the magnificent ‘red lake’ of Cyprus, they are by no means exaggerating. South west of the capital and about a 28 km drive out towards the village of Mitsero, you’ll come across the old copper mine of Mitsero, which operated between 1953 and 1966. And once you get to the area, you’ll be taken aback by the ‘acid lake’, seeping up minerals and ore which turn it red. Do not touch the water under any circumstances! But do take as many pictures as you can- it’s a rare site if ever there was one.

During the 1950’s pyrite deposits were found in the area of Kokkinopezoulain . In a period of economic decadence and unemployment a new breath in the area of work was given to the village. The population of Mitsero as well as the surrounding villages stopped seeking work in the town or abroad, while other villagers had moved to Mitsero for work. Even though the working conditions in the mines were exhausting and dangerous, it was a solution for a lot of people who were seeking for work in order to feed their families.

TheKokkinopezoula Mine stopped operating in 1967. The explosions which were created in order to find the minerals, left many injured while many also lost their lives. At the same time the area had filled with toxic dust that was dangerous for people as well as the environment. Many miners were not able to breathe, walk and many eventually died. The destruction was also dramatic for the environment. The acid and the contamination in the lake and the soil resulted in the fact that the birds and he surrounding trees were not able to survive.

The scene around the area of the mine may show remains of devastation, however during the last few years nature has begun to heal its wounds and shows signs of life. Trees have begun to grow around the lake creating greenery. Let’s hope that with time the fauna and flora in the area will be restored completely giving the abandoned and destroyed area a new scenic beauty

On April the 14th 2019, two tourists were in the Mitsero mine taking photos, when they discovered a body, Evidence emerges the dead woman is Mary Rose Tiburcio, 39, from the Philippines reported missing by her roommate on May 5, 2018, along with her daughter. Search for  Tiburcio’s daughter Sierra, 6, begins.

This was the start of a gruesome discovery, that exposed the first serial killer in Cyprus.