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UK Buy to Let Market
15 January 2021
There are many different strategies out there to increase your cashflow and portfolio. However the first...
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Concern about the impact of Covid19 on property development
14 January 2021
It appears we are slowly getting towards some sort of “normality”. Note I did not use the word “back”....
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Government says ‘it may become necessary to pause all home moves’
12 January 2021
Boris Johnson has warned that the government “may have to do more” if ministers feel current lockdown...
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Leasehold home scandal to end
07 January 2021
Leasehold revolution! Rip-off charges that trap families in unsellable homes will be banished in bid...
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Britain's favourite rural home locations
28 December 2020
Where Britons want to live revealed: Rural and coastal areas have seen the biggest surge of interest...
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Government refusal to extend SDLT holiday
17 December 2020
Agents and property experts have reacted angrily to the government’s refusal to extend the stamp...
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Gazeal announce that 1 in 3 sales fall down
17 December 2020
Fall throughs which could be avoided by Reservation Agreements have cost agency branches an average £10,000...
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George Michael's London home:the Highgate house sold for £19 million in hotly contested private sale
10 December 2020
  George Michael’s former north London home has sold for £19 million in a hotly contested private...
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Couple lose life savings as buyer’s lender withdraws post-contract
06 December 2020
Mortgage brokers across the UK should be on their guard against an alarming new pitfall in the house...
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BEWARE of The Equity Manipulators!
24 June 2020
There is an unscrupulous element within the Estate Agency business who cynically and calculatedly exploit...
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How will the economy survive the current crisis?
07 April 2020
There is no doubt that the current crisis, is one of the greatest tests our economy has faced in decades....
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