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The War on Humanity – A Battle for Our Future

The War on Humanity – A Battle for Our Future


In a world where the powers that be preach the necessity of living smaller, hungrier, colder, and more limited lives, it’s crucial to question their motives and the true impact of their agendas on the lives of everyday people. The narrative of scarcity and restraint, peddled by the elites and technocrats, stands in stark contrast to the dreams of abundance and plenty that once defined our aspirations.

The Erosion of Hope and Abundance

At what point did we abandon the notion of hopes and dreams, the desirability of abundance, and the message that more is merrier? The desire for abundance, including an abundance of people, used to be a fundamental part of our collective ethos. More people in the world meant more good ideas and more problem-solving potential. But today, that perspective has shifted.

Transhumanism: A Modern Eugenics

Transhumanism, for example, presents the idea that humanity is not good enough and needs an upgrade, often merging flesh with technology. It’s a belief system that echoes the eugenics movement, where some individuals take it upon themselves to “improve” the human race by eliminating perceived flaws and inadequacies, essentially playing God.

The Hypocrisy of the Elite

The original eugenicists talked about “useless mouths,” and today’s transhumanists refer to “useless eaters.” This anti-human agenda seems to be pervasive, infiltrating every aspect of our lives. It’s disconcerting that we are expected to accept a narrative that calls for us to have less, while those promoting it seem to have an insatiable appetite for more.

Bill Gates: A Case in Point

Take, for instance, Bill Gates, a software salesman who preaches about the need for fewer people on the planet. Gates, who has a fortune counted in the hundreds of billions of dollars, is the largest landowner in the United States, with over 270,000 acres of land. Meanwhile, he advocates for an end to private home ownership while enjoying multiple extravagant residences.

Elite Climate Hypocrisy

Gates also promotes lab-grown meat, emphasizing the need to reduce carbon footprints, all while he maintains a collection of six private jets, a helicopter, and a seaplane. The hypocrisy of billionaires like Gates, who claim that the world would be better with fewer people while living extravagant lifestyles, is staggering.

The World Economic Forum’s Technocratic Vision

This mindset is not unique to Gates; it’s a prevailing theme among the world’s elites. The World Economic Forum (WEF) discusses increasing elite control over everything, advocating for a technocratic rule while advocating for the masses to have less and be content with it. It’s a stark contradiction when those who advocate for restraint are the same ones living lives of excess.

Climate Alarmists and Their Wealth

We’ve seen this pattern in climate alarmists like Al Gore and John Kerry, who have amassed considerable fortunes while predicting environmental catastrophes. They own multiple homes and private jets while preaching about the need for ordinary people to sacrifice and reduce their carbon footprint.

The Erosion of Personal Freedoms

The disconnect between the elite’s words and actions is staggering, and it’s time for us to question their motives. A recent energy bill in the UK granting the power of forced entry to private homes for installing smart meters is just one example of the erosion of personal freedoms in the name of sustainability. The elites want us to accept that our homes are not truly ours and that we should have limited control over our own lives.

The Battle for Individual Autonomy

However, the most egregious violation of our humanity comes when the state, in cahoots with the judiciary, decides to deny life-saving treatment to a 19-year-old girl known only as “St.” Despite her clear wishes to continue fighting for her life through experimental treatments, a judge and doctors have deemed her incapable of making decisions for herself. This case is a glaring example of how the elites believe they can dictate the fate of individuals.

Conclusion: The Call to Resist

In this era of techno-predators and philanthropaths who cloak their evil intent in the rhetoric of sustainability and humanitarianism, it’s vital to remember that we are good enough. We won’t be improved by narcissistic ghouls with chronic misanthropy who seek to control our lives. The battle for our future is a battle for the sanctity of human life, and it’s a battle we must not shy away from.

Our world has a history of revering resistance to tyranny. The French Resistance, the Dutch Resistance, and others stood up to oppression in wartime. Now, we face a different kind of tyranny, one that threatens our individual freedoms and the sanctity of human life. The question is, will we resist this tyranny, or will we wait for something worse to happen? The time to act is now.

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