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Interest Rates

Are interest rates falling or rising what is going on?

Interest Rates in Flux: Are They Rising or Falling?

After several months of steadily falling interest rates, there has been some indication over the past few weeks that rates may be starting to rise again amongst some lenders. This has led to confusion over whether the overall downwards trend is reversing. This article will analyze the current situation and explain what is driving these fluctuations.

The Bank of England should have reduced interest rates this week

The Bank of England’s Inaction on Interest Rates is Choking the Economy

The Bank of England (BoE) decided against cutting interest rates this week, a move that many economists believe was a mistake. With inflation rising rapidly and the economy at risk of recession, a rate cut could have provided much-needed stimulus. In this post, I’ll summarise the key arguments made in a recent video about why the BoE should have reduced rates.

Reaction to the Bank of England Interest Rate Hold

Reaction to the Bank of England Interest Rate Hold
The Bank of England’s Ongoing Incompetence

The latest decision by the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) to hold interest rates at 5.25% is yet another sign of the shocking incompetence we have witnessed from the Bank over the past year.

Could Interest Rates Return to Zero?

In 2009, central banks around the world slashed interest rates dramatically to near 0%. This was meant to be a temporary move to counter a short-term economic crisis. Markets and experts predicted rates would soon rise back to normal levels. However, for 13 years interest rates defied expectations, staying unusually low.

Mortgage rates continue to fall

Plummeting Mortgage Rates Offer Hope

The video opens with mortgage broker James Nicholson explaining that mortgage rates have fallen lately, as lenders vigorously compete for business amid declining volumes. He notes lenders are fiercely battling to top rate-comparison sites, to maximize visibility and applications. Obtaining a sub-4% rate, long seen as an impossible threshold, now appears achievable within weeks.

Mortgage Rates Set to Drop in January Sales

Mortgage Rates Set to Drop in January Sales

The new year looks set to kick off with a bang in the UK mortgage market, as lenders compete to offer the best rates since before the short-lived Truss administration. Lower inflation and falling swap rates are aligning to create the perfect conditions for a January mortgage sale.