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Boris Johnson and Partygate

Boris Johnson and Partygate

What does this say about the British political system

Anyone watching Kier Starmer posturing while he takes the high ground over the partygate affair, would probably be as uncomfortable where they sit as the degree of hypocrisy within the house beggars belief.

What exactly did happen that day and maybe on other occasions too? This was people who work together in the same building, or for want of a better term, a ‘professional bubble’ is it so outrageous that those very same people spent some time within the grounds of No. 10, over a drink or a bite to eat?

I have not doubt, that workers throughout the country who could not get out for their lunch, due to the lockdown, had on occasion sat in the same space, indoors or preferably ( as in this case) outdoors, to eat together. I find it hard to believe that this has suddenly been labelled as a party, if they genuinely consider this droll event comprising a loose collection of some of the most boring people in the country, then I would argue that they must live the most mundane lives possible.

Keir Starmer who has placed himself on the pedestal of virtue, was also caught on camera enjoying a drink, at work, with colleagues and INDOORS, but what a surprise, that was neither a party, nor illegal. This Coming from a man who has not actually expressed a single effective policy since becoming leader of the opposition. He has instead, chosen to hide behind a wall where he can throw stones in safety.

“I believe that this is the most cynical case of virtue signalling that we have seen in politics for a long time”

It would be one thing if the opposition were to scrutinise the facts, the report by Sue Gray, but to resort to exploiting victims of Covid and demanding that the Prime Minister apologises to them is beyond contempt. I believe that this is the most cynical case of virtue signalling that we have seen in politics for a long time, but it has been effective in dividing people once again, with many people being guided in to pouring scorn on someone who did nothing that many other people had done, no agenda, no premeditated intent to break the law and without doubt, totally oblivious about the politicising of events that probably contributed to the police issuing a fixed penalty to innocent people who were so bold and arrogant, that they actually believed it to be acceptable to stop for a bite to eat at their lawful place of work! Unless I am mistaken, the rules did permit those who work together to follow the guidelines, but I do not remember the rules forbidding time to eat, or even enjoy a Beer, this was a lockdown, not a national disciplinary exercise!

There is a distinct campaign to remove Boris at any cost, but what then? Boris has taken this country through one of its most difficult challenges for decades, steering us through Brexit, which was also exploited by certain parties for their own political agenda. Then we had Covid, where Boris defied criticism for not being firmer, but what many have missed is that he did not exploit the pandemic to become a Dictator, along with many other leaders including our own Nicola Sturgeon. When the vaccine became available, once again, Boris is to be credited with leading the way in ensuring the supply of vaccine, leaving the EU with Egg on their face, so much so, that they actually threatened to interrupt our supply.

Then there is the crisis in Ukraine, once again, Boris has shown himself to be an international leader, where others failed or in the case of President Biden, were just too incompetent to lead.

This is a statesman, there is no other candidate who could be Prime Minister at this time and if the chap wanted to sit down and have a Beer whilst taking a break at work, why not? We all know that there are many crimes committed in the eyes of the modern day thought police, but how many of them really do have any basis in law?



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Colin Emerson
Colin Emerson
2 years ago

Looks like Kier Starmer is about to be knocked of his ‘High Horse’