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Daily Archives: May 27, 2019

Brexit Party landslide in Euro Elections

‘This the beginning of a new political movement’: Nigel Farage promises the Brexit Party WILL contest a general election and wipe out the Tories if Britain doesn’t leave the EU by Halloween – after crushing win in Euro polls

Nigel Farage today warned the Tories he will wipe them out at a general election unless they push through Brexit by Halloween – after securing a stunning triumph in EU polls.

The stark ultimatum came after the Brexit Party won at least 28 MEP seats and 31 per cent of the vote, despite only being formed six weeks ago.

In grim contrast, the Conservatives have dropped to fifth place across much of the country on just 9 per cent of the vote. The disastrous showing immediately sparked warnings from would-be leader Boris Johnson that things will get even worse for the Tories if the UK does not leave the EU by the new deadline at the end of October – deal or no deal.

And Jeremy Corbyn was facing civil war within his party as critics blamed the party’s poor third-place finish on 14 per cent on his failure to back a second referendum. The Remainer Lib Dems surged into second place on 20 per cent with the Greens coming a close fourth on 12 per cent. A jubilant Mr Farage demanded a role in the next round of negotiations with the EU, threatening to contest a general election.

Speaking this morning, he blasted the Tories for their handling of Brexit but said he would be willing to support a Conservative leader who promises to take Britain out of the EU with No Deal.  He said: ‘If we don’t leave in October the Brexit party will go on to a general election.

‘We are happy to help any leader who is genuine about us leaving the EU. We would like to be part of the negotiating team, use us and give us some responsibility, but they need to be prepared to leave with a clean break Brexit. Boris Johnson, Dominic Raab, Michael Gove – all of them voted for Mrs May’s European treaty.

‘It’s all about establishing trust – if the next leader says the same thing then no one is going to trust them.’

‘This is just the beginning of a new political movement.’  


For those of you still spitting your dummies out and crying Stop Brexit, here is a map detailing how the British feel.

Point to note, those who voted for anyone other than the #BrexitParty may have voted for any number of reasons, but those who voted for the Brexit Party, voted for one reason and ONLY one reason #BREXIT

However, for you Snowflakes out there, there may be a small consolation, it is rumoured that the BBC will be changing the way Football results are calculated, the scores of Tottenham, Arsenal, West Ham & Chelsea will be added up and London will be the new cup champions!

“It’s all fake new I hear you cry,
when the man with the truth has passed you by.
The BBC is the one for me,
I hear no evil and cannot see!”


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