Daily Archives: December 17, 2019


Now is the time for foreign investors to act

Foreign buyers should get on with investing in the UK property sector, now there’s more certainty regarding whether ...

Buy-to-let rates to fall

The cost of fixed rate Brexit buy-to-let mortgages are set to fall now the Conservatives have been elected, ...

Rightmove predicts 2% price rise in 2020

Property prices should rise by 2% in 2020 now the Conservative Party has secured a majority, Rightmove has ...

Top UK regeneration hotspots unveiled

When it comes to investing in property, it pays to know about the latest property hotspots and up-and-coming ...

Improving communication with your tenants

When investing in the buy-to-let sector it is important to have a good relationship with your tenants, and ...

House price growth set to pick up speed following an ...

Residential property prices, much like the economy, are likely to grow faster than initially anticipated next year thanks ...
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