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Boris Johnson pledges support for Finland and Sweden

Boris Johnson pledges support for Finland and Sweden

PM signs ‘border security deals’ in Stockholm and Helsinki

Britain has pledged to come to Sweden and Finland’s aid should either of the Nordic countries come under Russian attack, following Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson signed security pacts with his Swedish and Finnish counterparts during visits to the countries on Wednesday.

The pacts could see British troops sent to the two nations in the event of a Russian invasion from ’21st century tyrant’ Putin – who has threatened ‘military and political consequences’ should either country join the NATO alliance.

Both Finland and Sweden are expected to announce this week whether to apply to join NATO in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, in what would be a stunning reversal of decades-long non-alignment policies.

The Nordic nations have been rattled by Moscow’s war against its pro-Western neighbour, which has bolstered domestic support for joining the alliance – and the security that membership would provide.

Any NATO expansion is bound to spark anger from Vladimir Putin, who has warned Sweden and Finland against joining.

The Russian tyrant has historically pushed back at any eastward expansion of the alliance and has strongly condemned any notions of Ukraine joining. He claimed Ukraine’s closeness with the West was one reason behind his invasion.

But Moscow’s mounting warnings and threatening rhetoric appear only to have strengthened Finland’s and Sweden’s resolve to join.

In recent months, Boris has demonstrated the real qualities of a statesman, that are so necessary, in the face of such aggression from Russia. It is clear that he has put the UK on the world map, much to the distain of the EU, who once again, have displayed a shameful and treacherous lack of gumption, to the point where some have capitulated to Putin’s demands for payment in Rubles, lessening the effect of the most severe sanctions in recent history.

The Scandinavian states are facing a real and present danger of hostility from Russia, due to expressing a desire to join NATO, but Boris is sending a strong message, at a time when it is needed, due to the fact that ‘Sleepy Joe’ is about as much use as a Wax-work!

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