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Help to Buy Mortgage Meltdown – Homeowners Forced to Pay 9% Interest

Help to Buy Mortgage Meltdown – Homeowners Forced to Pay 9% Interest


In a shocking administrative meltdown, the UK government’s Help to Buy scheme has left young homeowners grappling with sky-high mortgage rates and prolonged delays in essential paperwork. This catastrophe has resulted from the recent transfer of scheme administration from one company to another, leaving borrowers frustrated and financially strained. In this blog post, we delve into the issues surrounding the Help to Buy mortgage meltdown, shedding light on the struggles faced by homeowners and the urgent need for resolution.

What is Help to Buy and the Current Crisis?

Help to Buy, introduced in 2013 by the then Chancellor George Osborne, was designed to help first-time buyers acquire new-build homes with a small deposit. The government provided an equity loan of 20% (or up to 40% in London) to supplement the buyer’s deposit, interest-free for five years. However, the scheme has now plunged into chaos due to a major customer service logjam that occurred when the administration was shifted from Target to Lenvi on June 19.

Delays in Crucial Documents:

The administrative disaster has resulted in borrowers waiting for over four months to receive crucial documents needed to remortgage or sell their homes. The ‘deed of postponement’ is essential for remortgaging, while a ‘redemption letter’ is necessary for selling or paying off the loan. Unfortunately, reaching Lenvi’s customer service has been an ordeal, with many homeowners spending hours on hold, only to be met with dismissive staff, feeble excuses, and incorrect information.

Real-life Stories of Struggling Homeowners:

The blog post highlights the ordeal faced by homeowners like Richard Charrington and his daughter Sophie. Sophie’s mortgage repayments doubled after being unable to obtain a ‘deed of postponement’ to remortgage, forcing her onto a 9.25% standard variable rate. Similarly, Emma Bedford, who wanted to repay her equity loan, faced months of delays and revaluation costs due to the lack of a ‘redemption letter.’

Impact on Home Sales:

Homeowners attempting to sell their properties are also experiencing significant delays. The absence of the ‘redemption letter’ puts house sales at risk, with many homeowners fearing that their property valuations may expire before the necessary paperwork is received.

Company Responses and Way Forward:Homes England, the government agency overseeing the Help to Buy scheme, expressed awareness of the situation and apologized to affected customers. Lenvi, the company now responsible for administration, admitted inheriting a substantial number of complex cases and assured that they are working to reduce the backlog.


– The UK government’s Help to Buy scheme faces a severe administrative meltdown, causing distress to young homeowners.
– Borrowers are experiencing delays of more than four months in obtaining crucial documents required for remortgaging or selling their homes.
– The administrative logjam occurred when the scheme’s administration was transferred from one company (Target) to another (Lenvi) on June 19.
– Help to Buy, introduced in 2013, provided first-time buyers with an equity loan of 20% (or up to 40% in London) to supplement their deposit, interest-free for five years.
– Homeowners are struggling to reach Lenvi’s customer service, facing long wait times, dismissive staff, and incorrect information.
– Real-life stories of affected homeowners, such as Sophie and Emma, showcase the financial burden caused by delays in obtaining necessary paperwork.
– Selling homeowners risk their house sales falling through due to the unavailability of ‘redemption letters.’
– Homes England and Lenvi have acknowledged the issue and are working to resolve the backlog of cases.

The Help to Buy mortgage meltdown is a distressing situation, leaving many young homeowners burdened with high-interest rates and stalled property transactions. The administrative issues have severely impacted the lives of individuals who once saw the scheme as a promising path to homeownership. Urgent measures are required to resolve the logjam and restore faith in the Help to Buy scheme, ensuring that homeowners can access the support they were promised when they embarked on their homeownership journey.

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