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Housing not even mentioned at the Conservative Party Conference

Housing not even mentioned at the Conservative Party Conference

“Housing Absent at Conservative Party Conference: A Missed Opportunity”**


The Conservative Party Conference, touted as an exciting week for many, has come and gone. However, for those concerned about the property crisis in the UK, it seemed like an opportunity missed. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the notable absence of housing-related discussions during the conference.


A Silent Crisis

The property crisis in the UK is not news. It’s a complex issue with multiple facets, and people have been eagerly awaiting signs that the government has a plan to address it. Unfortunately, this year’s conference offered no such signals.

Developers Holding Back Supply

One of the glaring problems in the UK property market is the stranglehold big developers have on planning permissions. Approximately one million planning permissions are sitting idle, with big developers seemingly withholding them to keep prices high and maximise their profits. Smaller developers find it challenging to break into the market due to this tactic.

Unused Planning Permissions in London

London faces a particularly acute problem, with a staggering 40% of planning permissions never being implemented. This issue exacerbates the housing crisis in the capital, where the demand for affordable housing remains sky-high.

A Missed Opportunity for Renovation

The government could encourage everyday citizens to participate in solving the housing crisis. There are around 600,000 properties that could be renovated and brought back into use. British people love renovating property, so why not provide them with incentives and means to do so? It’s a win-win situation that could alleviate the housing shortage while also boosting the economy.

HS2: A Lost Opportunity

High-speed rail networks can transform commuting, but in the UK, they remain underutilised. The cancellation of the HS2 high-speed Railway Network, which could have made commuting from Manchester to London a reality, is puzzling. At a time when the government is urging people to explore alternatives to cars, scrapping such a critical project seems counterproductive.

Budget Mismanagement

The government’s track record on major projects is less than stellar. The budget for the HS2 project spiralled out of control, exceeding initial estimates by a wide margin. While infrastructure projects in the UK can be challenging, that shouldn’t excuse mismanagement to this extent.

No Tangible Housing Policies

The crux of the issue is the lack of a concrete and effective housing policy. It appears that there has been no planning and no implementation of tangible measures to address the housing crisis. Instead, the focus seems to be on political posturing rather than practical solutions.


– The Conservative Party Conference did not address the UK’s housing crisis.
– Big developers are holding onto one million planning permissions, potentially driving up property prices.
– In London, 40% of planning permissions are never implemented, exacerbating the housing shortage.
– There’s an opportunity to incentivize everyday people to renovate and bring unused properties back into use.
– The cancellation of the HS2 high-speed Railway Network was criticized, especially given the push for alternative transportation.
– Budget mismanagement for major projects, like HS2, is a concern.
– There’s a lack of concrete and effective housing policies, with a focus on political posturing rather than practical solutions.

The absence of housing-related discussions at the Conservative Party Conference is a missed opportunity. The property crisis continues to affect millions in the UK, and a clear and actionable plan from the government is long overdue. It’s time to prioritise the housing crisis and work towards solutions that benefit everyone. Your thoughts on this issue are welcome, and we hope for a brighter future in the realm of UK housing policy. Thank you for reading, and see you next time.

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