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How will Starlink effect demand for rural housing?

How will Starlink effect demand for rural housing

How will Starlink effect demand for rural housing?

Will this be a rural housing game-changer?


About Starlink

SpaceX’s Starlink internet has grown from one of Elon Musk’s futuristic ideas to a rapidly emerging broadband satellite internet provider, offering fast speeds and unlimited data. Starlink is now available in 25 countries with 250,000 customers and counting.Starlink availability and popularity is scaling rapidly, especially with Elon Musk’s latest announcement of offering Starlink service to Ukraine.

Starlink internet will work best for you if you live in a rural or remote area without landline internet options like DSL, cable, or fiber. Elon Musk wants Starlink internet to bridge the digital divide in rural and remote areas, not replace existing urban internet options.

So, if satellite internet is your best option, Starlink internet is a good choice for you—if it’s available.

How can you get Starlink?

You can get Starlink internet by placing an order on the Starlink website. When Starlink has internet coverage and bandwidth capacity in your area, you can get your Starlink Kit shipped directly to you within 2 weeks.3

If Starlink isn’t in your area yet, you can still place an order and secure your spot on the waitlist by paying a deposit, depending on if you want the standard Starlink service or Starlink Business. The easiest way to see when you can get Starlink is to enter your address on the Starlink website.

If you’re still unsure about hopping aboard the Starlink satellite train, we’ll help you decide. We’ll cover everything we know about Starlink internet plans, pricing, installation, availability, and more in this Starlink review. We’ll also cover how Starlink compares to existing satellite internet providers and whether or not you should spring for Starlink Business.


What are the benefits of Starlink?

There has been and continues to be a large disparity in availability of fast internet, around the UK. With more and more people dependent on the internet to work from home, and as we are all aware, this was never tested to the degree that it has been, during the pandemic, where nearly everyone was working from home, but many of those living in rural areas were at a disadvantage, due to inefficient internet service.

The pandemic also created a large volume of people who had made a decision to change their lifestyle and move to rural areas, but in many cases, they may not have proceeded, because there is no efficient internet available in so many of these areas, which not only effected sales, but the investment and growth in these areas, but that is about to change.

Starlink now covers most of the UK, it offers speeds of up to 300mps and although the price is currently higher than mainstream providers (£84pcm) at the time of writing this article, will invariably come down and will soon only be a little more than other internet providers, but when it can supply high speed internet, in areas that currently have a terrible service, this could be priceless.

It will mean that remote properties that have had not interest from families, or investors, will suddenly become viable homes, that can offer everything that the modern family will need.

Now would be good time to keep an eye out for these properties, because as soon as the cost of Starlink comes down, the demand for these properties will increase, along with their value.

Check the coverage in your area HERE



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