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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

I have just launched BOOK an EPC

I have just launched BOOK an EPC

Launching a New EPC Business to Support Assessors

I recently launched a new business called BOOK an EPC to help support independent energy performance assessors across the UK. After being away for a few weeks developing the new website and business model, I’m excited to share the details with you.



Why I Became an EPC Assessor

As someone working in property sales, I decided to train as a registered EPC assessor for a few key reasons. Firstly, it enables me to advise my clients on what energy efficiency improvements they can make before putting their property on the market. This is becoming an increasingly important factor for buyers.

Secondly, it means I can carry out EPC assessments directly when I visit clients’ properties to conduct valuations. This is an additional service I can offer them as part of the process.

The Idea Behind BOOK an EPC

In my role as an assessor, an idea came to me for a business that could support the work of other independent assessors across the country. I noticed that many struggle to get sufficient assessment appointments.

So, I developed the BOOK an EPC platform to connect assessors directly with potential clients in their local area. assessors pay a small annual fee to be listed on the site. In return, their business details and contact information are published on a page dedicated to their local area.

UK-Wide Platform

The site has dedicated pages for all areas across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. So assessors from every part of the UK can potentially benefit from being listed on there and getting their services in front of local customers.

How It Works

If a customer contacts BOOK an EPC needing an assessment in a particular area, we simply pass their details directly to the listed assessor covering that local patch. So it can serve as an appointment booking and lead generation service for assessors. All without them needing to pay per lead or per appointment facilitated.

Opportunity for Assessors

This is a great opportunity for independent, self-employed EPC assessors to supplement their existing appointment diaries with high quality leads from customers specifically looking to book assessments in their area. With so much demand from those needing to improve energy ratings, this has potential to steadily build business over time.

Early Stages

The site has just recently been launched and it will take some weeks before is ranks highly and attracts good levels of traffic. But everything is set up and prepared for assessors ready to come on board.

As I focus over the coming months on optimising and marketing the site, I’ll be aiming to rapidly increase customer bookings from across the UK. So now is the perfect time for interested assessors to get involved.

Get Listed

If you are a qualified EPC assessor interested in having an area set up for you, or would simply like more details, please get in touch using the contact details below this article. I’m happy to have an informal discussion regarding any questions you may have.

I hope this new service proves useful for assessors nationwide looking for support with securing a steady flow of appointments. As ever, I aim to keep providing helpful information and commentary relating to property matters here on my YouTube channel.


Visit BOOK an EPC

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