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NatWest Faces Investigation Over Farage Scandal – CEO Resigns Amidst £850m Value Wipeout

NatWest Faces Investigation Over Farage Scandal – CEO Resigns Amidst £850m Value Wipeout


NatWest, one of the UK’s leading banks, has been embroiled in a scandal involving Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence Party. The fallout from this controversy has been severe, leading to an £850 million wipeout in the bank’s value and the resignation of Dame Alison Rose, the CEO. The situation has escalated to the point where an official investigation is being considered to determine if the bank breached data protection laws. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of the scandal, its impact on NatWest, and the growing calls for accountability.

The Farage Banking Scandal Unfolds:

The controversy surrounding NatWest began when it came to light that Nigel Farage’s accounts with Coutts, a subsidiary of NatWest Group, were closed due to a misalignment of values. The bank cited that Farage’s views did not align with their corporate values, leading to the closure of his accounts. This decision raised eyebrows and sparked a heated debate on the issue of banking practices and freedom of expression.

Alison Rose’s Resignation and the ICO Investigation:

Dame Alison Rose, the CEO of NatWest, initially received a vote of confidence from the bank’s board despite admitting a “serious error of judgment” in leaking Farage’s banking arrangements to the BBC. However, the mounting pressure and criticism from various quarters eventually led to her resignation at an unprecedented 1.30 am, following a midnight U-turn by the board.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) joined the fray, announcing that it was contemplating launching an inquiry into whether NatWest broke data protection laws. The ICO accused the bank of betraying Farage’s trust by disclosing his personal information to the media. Such breaches of confidentiality are deemed unacceptable and raise concerns for both customers and regulatory bodies.

Farage’s Demands and Calls for Accountability:

Nigel Farage, in an op-ed for The Telegraph, demanded a thorough investigation into NatWest’s conduct under Dame Alison’s leadership. He asserted that her resignation was inevitable after breaching client confidentiality, and he called for the rest of the NatWest board, including Chairman Sir Howard Davies, to follow suit. Farage criticized the bank’s pursuit of diversity and inclusion, claiming it had transformed into a divisive and poisonous cult.

Political Pressure and Government Intervention:

The scandal’s intensity increased when Downing Street expressed “significant concerns” about Dame Alison continuing in her role. As NatWest’s largest shareholder with a 39% stake, the UK government’s stance carried significant weight. Amidst the escalating row, Dame Alison was forced to step down from several government roles, including her position on the Prime Minister’s Business Council.

Potential Consequences for NatWest:

The ICO investigation could have severe consequences for NatWest. If found guilty of breaching data protection laws, the bank may face a civil penalty of up to four per cent of its worldwide turnover, potentially amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds. This financial impact, coupled with the significant loss in market value, puts pressure on the entire board, including Chairman Sir Howard Davies.


– NatWest faces investigation over the Nigel Farage banking scandal.
– CEO Dame Alison Rose resigns after admitting to leaking Farage’s banking arrangements to the BBC.
– The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) considers launching an inquiry into possible data protection law breaches by NatWest.
– Farage demands a thorough investigation into the bank’s behavior under Dame Alison’s leadership.
– Calls for the entire NatWest board, including Chairman Sir Howard Davies, to resign intensify.
– Downing Street expresses “significant concerns” about Dame Alison’s continued role as CEO.
– NatWest’s value drops by £850 million due to the scandal.
– The ICO warns against holding excessive customer information after a 40-page dossier on Farage is revealed.
– Government intervention forces Dame Alison to step down from multiple government roles.
– Potential consequences for NatWest include hefty fines and continued market uncertainty.

The NatWest Farage scandal has sent shockwaves through the UK banking sector, leading to the CEO’s resignation and an investigation into potential data protection law breaches. The fallout from this controversy has raised questions about banking practices, freedom of expression, and the responsibilities of top executives in financial institutions. As the situation continues to unfold, all eyes are on NatWest’s future and how it will navigate the aftermath of this tumultuous episode.

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