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Nightmare Neighbours – The Hidden Threat to Home Sales

Nightmare Neighbours – The Hidden Threat to Home Sales


When it comes to buying or selling a property, one often considers factors like location, amenities, and property condition. But there’s another factor that can significantly impact a home’s value and potential sale – nightmare neighbours. According to a recent survey by the House Buyer Bureau, the majority of buyers would think twice about purchasing a property if they discovered a nightmare neighbour next door. Additionally, sellers may face the risk of losing potential buyers and even have to settle for a lower asking price. In this blog post, we explore the impact of nightmare neighbours on the property market and how they can disrupt home sales.

Nightmare Neighbours and Their Impact on Buyers:

The House Buyer Bureau conducted a survey involving over 2,000 UK homebuyers to gauge the influence of nightmare neighbours on their property purchase decisions. Surprisingly, 45% of respondents reported having an excellent relationship with their current neighbours, suggesting that not everyone faces this issue. However, for those who do, it can be a significant deterrent.

The survey found that a staggering 95% of sellers would consider offering less for a property if they knew it was located next to a nightmare neighbour. In fact, previous research has shown that this could lead to an average asking price reduction of around 8%, which translates to £22,869 on the current average UK house price. Such a decrease is substantial and could significantly impact the seller’s financial plans.

Furthermore, 98% of potential buyers stated that they would be discouraged from making an offer on a property if they knew it had nightmare neighbours. Even for those who had already made an offer and had it accepted, 97% revealed that they would reconsider their decision upon discovering the presence of troublesome neighbours.

The Risk of Losing a Sale:

The repercussions of having nightmare neighbours extend beyond just a reduction in the selling price. In some cases, a nightmare neighbour could prevent the sale altogether. Imagine having a motivated buyer, ready to close the deal, only to have them back out once they learn about the neighbours from hell next door. It can be a heart-wrenching experience for sellers, particularly in a market where finding motivated buyers is already a challenge.

According to the survey, if a nightmare neighbour were to move in while someone lived at a property, 63% of respondents stated they would consider moving to avoid the unpleasant situation. This shows the extent to which nightmare neighbours can disrupt one’s peace of mind and impact the decision to stay or leave a property.

Top Nightmares: Noise, Privacy, Parking, Boundaries, and Pets:
The survey also shed light on the specific traits of nightmare neighbours that bother people the most. Topping the list were noise disturbances, which can make everyday life unbearable for homeowners. Invasions of privacy, problems related to parking arrangements, disagreements over property boundaries, and issues with pets were also cited as major concerns.


Nightmare neighbours pose a real threat to home sales and can lead to financial losses for sellers and missed opportunities for buyers. The disruption they cause to the peaceful enjoyment of a property can be overwhelming and make living there untenable. In a challenging property market, sellers must be mindful of this issue and consider alternative methods, such as quick sale platforms like House Buyer Bureau, to avoid the risk of losing potential buyers and get the best possible price for their properties. Likewise, buyers should be vigilant about investigating the neighbourhood thoroughly before making an offer, ensuring that their dream home doesn’t turn into a nightmare after the deal is sealed.

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