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Police to start arresting landlords who illegally evict tenants

Police to start arresting landlords who illegally evict tenants

Taking a Stand for Renters: London Police Ordered to Act Against Landlords Engaging in Unlawful Evictions


In a pivotal move that underscores the commitment to tenant rights, London’s police force has received a firm directive: arrest landlords involved in illegal and often forceful eviction practices. This step has been prompted by mounting concerns about the unequal treatment of renters during evictions and the need for enhanced accountability within law enforcement.

Addressing Bias and Protecting Vulnerable Tenants

The decision to actively combat illegal evictions stems from a growing unease about the possible bias within law enforcement, which, in some cases, might have inadvertently enabled unlawful evictions. The primary objective is to establish robust safeguards for tenants who find themselves at the mercy of unscrupulous landlords.

Crucial Guidance for Law Enforcement

Police officers are now explicitly instructed that landlords who resort to violence or threats of violence to gain access to an occupied dwelling are committing a criminal act. This new stance seeks to ensure that both renters’ physical safety and their legal rights are upheld during what can often be a distressing experience.

The Hidden Crisis: Unreported Illegal Evictions

A startling revelation emerges: while an estimated 8,000 tenants face illegal evictions each year in England, only a small fraction of these cases are reported as potential crimes. This highlights a concerning gap in addressing this issue and emphasizes the need for a more proactive approach.

Empowering Police Officers: Making Arrests Where Necessary

Under the updated guidelines, police officers are now empowered to take action by making arrests when deemed necessary. The guidelines explicitly identify actions that signify an illegal eviction, including changing locks, forcibly removing tenants, disconnecting utilities, and employing intimidation tactics.

Collaboration for Change

The formulation of these comprehensive guidelines was a collaborative effort between Scotland Yard, London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, and prominent renters’ advocacy groups such as Generation Rent. This collaboration underscores the shared commitment to creating a fairer renting landscape in London.

A Pervasive Issue Despite Efforts

Even as far back as 2018, Mayor Sadiq Khan recognized the gravity of illegal evictions in the private rental sector. The issue disproportionately impacts vulnerable tenants who often lack awareness of their rights. Despite previous efforts to train police officers, the problem has persisted.

A New Dawn for Tenant Rights

Mayor Khan’s announcement of the new guidelines signifies a turning point in tenant-landlord dynamics. He emphasizes that the guidance aims not only to clarify renters’ rights but also to equip frontline police officers with the tools to effectively intervene in cases of harassment, threats, and unlawful expulsions.

Championing Justice: Reestablishing the Rightful Order

In cases of illegal eviction, the revised guidelines mandate that police separate civil disputes from criminal offenses. Acts such as harassment, assault, or the use of force or violence to gain entry are now classified as criminal actions. Landlords will be warned of the legal consequences, and arrests will be made if necessary. The ultimate goal is to reinstate the evicted tenant to their rightful residence.

Ensuring Legal Evictions: An Integrated Approach

To ensure the legality of evictions, the Metropolitan Police clarifies that officers will verify the presence of an authorized bailiff holding the required documentation. This approach ensures adherence to the proper legal procedures, as stipulated by legislation.


This critical stride toward safeguarding renter rights is a definitive step in tackling the persistent issue of illegal evictions. By directing the arrest of landlords engaged in these practices and providing clear guidance to police officers, London is taking a resolute stand in creating a secure housing environment and upholding the principles of justice in property rights. This initiative sends a resounding message that tenant rights will not be compromised, and landlords engaging in illegal actions will face the consequences.

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