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Property Market Update – Northampton NN2 – August 2023

Property Market Update – Northampton NN2 – August 2023

**NN2 Property Market Insights: Unraveling House Prices**

The real estate landscape of NN2 has seen its fair share of ups and downs, with property values and market trends dancing to the rhythm of economic shifts and buyer preferences. In this article, we take a closer look at the trends that have shaped NN2’s property market over the past year, shedding light on average prices, property types, and the stories of homes that have changed hands.

**NN2’s Average House Prices: An Overview**

Over the last year, properties in NN2 have held an overall average price of £276,479. This figure serves as a crucial indicator of the region’s real estate health, providing insight into affordability and the general movement of the property market.

**Property Types and Their Price Points**

The distribution of property types within NN2 has played a significant role in influencing the average prices. Among the properties that exchanged hands in the past year, terraced properties have dominated the market scene. These charming dwellings commanded an average price of £235,967, appealing to buyers seeking a blend of comfort and affordability.

Semi-detached properties, another prevalent choice among NN2 buyers, showcased an average selling price of £273,626. On the higher end of the spectrum, detached properties made a statement with an average price of £420,598. This diverse mix of property types contributes to the vibrant tapestry of NN2’s real estate market.

**A Glimpse of Price Trends**

A journey into the historical context uncovers the fascinating price dynamics that NN2 has witnessed. Over the past year, sold prices in NN2 have surged by an impressive 4% compared to the previous year. This upward trajectory is even more striking when compared to the 2020 peak of £236,839, showcasing a remarkable 17% increase. This resilience and growth underscore NN2’s potential as a promising real estate destination.

**Exploring Sold Properties**

Let’s delve into some of the properties that have recently changed hands in NN2:

1. **4, Cecil Road, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN2 6PQ**
– Property: 2-bedroom terraced house
– Price: £170,000
– Date Sold: 21 Jun 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

2. **7, Butchers Lane, Boughton, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN2 8SH**
– Property: 2-bedroom terraced house
– Price: £330,000
– Date Sold: 16 Jun 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

3. **620, Obelisk Rise, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN2 8SY**
– Property: 3-bedroom semi-detached house
– Price: £290,000
– Date Sold: 12 Jun 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

4. **6, Brackley Close, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN2 8NN**
– Property: 3-bedroom terraced house
– Price: £293,000
– Date Sold: 9 Jun 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

5. **15, Pheasant Way, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN2 8BJ**
– Property: 3-bedroom semi-detached house
– Price: £255,000
– Date Sold: 6 Jun 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

**In Conclusion**

The NN2 property market encapsulates a captivating narrative of diverse property types, historical price trends, and unique homes that have found new owners. With an upward trend in prices over the past year, NN2 continues to prove its mettle as a real estate gem. Whether you’re an astute investor, a first-time buyer, or simply intrigued by the dynamics of property markets, NN2’s journey offers valuable insights and stories waiting to be explored. Keep an eye on this dynamic market as it evolves and continues to shape the dreams and aspirations of its residents and stakeholders.

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