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The Jersey Landlords Association Fights Back: An Open Letter Addressing Government’s Measures on the Property Sector

The Jersey Landlords Association Fights Back: An Open Letter Addressing Government’s Measures on the Property Sector


In a recent turn of events, Jersey’s private landlords have banded together to express their concerns about proposed government plans that could potentially worsen the ongoing housing crisis. The Jersey Landlords Association (JLA), along with other prominent groups like the Jersey Estate Agents Association, has taken the initiative to write an open letter to the Council of Ministers. The letter boldly calls out what they perceive as an “attack on the property business” and emphasizes the need for comprehensive consultation with politicians before making significant changes. Let’s delve into the details and understand the concerns raised by these stakeholders.

A Threat to Rental Accommodation:

The JLA’s open letter articulates their fears regarding the government’s proposals, primarily focusing on two key aspects: increased stamp duty for second homes and impending modifications to landlord and tenant laws and licensing. According to the landlords, these changes, combined with excessive bureaucratic procedures and costs, are likely to discourage them from providing the much-needed rental accommodation. As a result, the existing housing crisis could be further exacerbated, negatively impacting tenants in need. The letter contends that such requirements would only add to the red tape and administrative burden, thereby hindering productivity on the island, especially at a time when it is least desirable.

The Case for Comprehensive Analysis:

Furthermore, the landlords argue that a thorough analysis of rents across the entire housing market is crucial. They express concerns about potential rent controls, which could artificially restrict rental prices below market levels. According to their perspective, such controls would disproportionately affect landlords, potentially impeding their ability to maintain rental properties and adequately meet the needs of tenants. Instead, the letter urges the government to consider alternative approaches and review their proposals in light of these concerns.

Government’s Perspective:

Chief Minister Kristina Moore has expressed her support for the new regulations and reiterated that the aim is to improve conditions for all stakeholders in the property sector. While the concerns raised by the landlords were acknowledged during a meeting, the government appears largely steadfast in its commitment to implementing the proposed policies without significant modifications.


The open letter written by the Jersey Landlords Association and supported by other industry groups highlights the growing tension between private landlords and the government. The concerns raised by the landlords regarding the potential impact of increased stamp duty and changes to landlord and tenant laws reflect the delicate balance that policymakers must strike between addressing the housing crisis and maintaining a healthy property sector. As the debate continues, it remains to be seen whether the government will heed the call for further consultation and consider alternative measures.

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