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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

Antony Antoniou

Would you like to join us?

Would you like to join us

Would you like to join us?





I’m coming to you from a beautiful Village just on the outskirts of Northampton, where today we’ve had the pleasure of handing over a key to some very, very happy buyers and as I was leaving it dawned on me that this sale didn’t actually come from a portal.
Now in this country we’re all under the impression that our property needs to be on one of the portals to get a buyer but most people outside the industry don’t realise that most estate agents are not on the portals for the benefit of their clients, on the contrary with ourselves in particular most of our sales don’t come from the portals, hardly any in fact, they come from our client database they come from direct
marketing social media marketing and so on and so forth.
Most agents are on the portals as a presence to win listings rather than sell your property and this indicates a more hidden issue with the property industry in this country. Overseas the way that the industry works the real estate industry as it’s known overseas is completely different to how it works in the UK where they have something called an MLS system, multi-listing service and how that works is when an estate agent takes on a property they make it available on the multi-listing service for other agents who are subscribed to be able to Market those properties to their clients, for a share or a split of the fee.
This means that for the client it results in far more exposure for their property and invariably whoever finds a buyer for that property the original listing agent will still get a fee but the client gets a much better service in this country, unfortunately the industry is shrouded with greed and because the industry as a whole is literally controlled by a handful of national chains, who ensure that they keep as much as possible for themselves, because they’re not concerned with serving the greater public. Unfortunately we don’t really have this widely
available in the UK we on the other hand started off with a different ethos, we started off by working with developers and with other companies it doesn’t matter if that property will result in us only getting a share of the commission, what matters is that we Market our clients properties our partners clients properties and create as much exposure as possible, that leads us on to the next issue that we have personally as a company is personnel.
We have so many listings residential and commercial in the UK and overseas as well as all the investments and developments but our greatest issue is finding the right people to work with our company. Most of the national chains work with people who are on salaries but they have structured themselves with such fine margins that they need to work these people to death, all day every day even on their weekends.
We have a different view of how our team should be treated, as far as we’re concerned our team is more important than we are because when people are giving you their time their effort and placing their faith in you, there is a burden of responsibility to do everything possible to ensure that they have a fighting chance to succeed and it’s with that in mind that at the moment we are looking for people in northamptonshire and any of the surrounding counties, no further than that because I would like to be able to meet with those people on a weekly or fortnightly basis, so it should be people who have nexus with Northampton and if you are interested in a career in the property industry, not just selling property.
I would like to actually nurture property professionals who not only know everything about residential and commercial property, but Investments, overseas properties, marketing, financing, JVC structures, spvs and everything else that goes with it, so if you think this is for you, please contact me directly anytime for a informal chat and by all means it doesn’t matter if you’ve not had previous experience, it’s not your knowledge of property that matters, it is your moral compass that is most important and sadly this is something that is lacking in this industry.
Thank you very much and I’ll see you in the next video
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