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100% inheritance tax could be the end goal

100% inheritance tax could be the end goal

The Controversy Surrounding a 100% Inheritance Tax: A Closer Look

In recent times, discussions surrounding a 100% inheritance tax have been surfacing with increasing frequency. Many individuals, including myself, find the mere idea of such a tax abhorrent in modern society. While it may seem far-fetched, it’s essential to explore these discussions and their potential implications.


The notion of a 100% inheritance tax is undoubtedly a contentious one. Is it possible that the government could actually impose such a tax? Well, the answer is, “anything’s possible.” In this blog post, we’ll delve into the recent resurgence of this topic and examine the reasons behind its emergence.


A Brief History of the 100% Inheritance Tax

For many of us, the first encounter with the concept of a 100% inheritance tax might have been through an article in a reputable newspaper. I personally came across it in an article from The Guardian a few years ago, penned by journalist Abby Wilkinson. She passionately advocated for this extreme tax, arguing that it would compel each new generation to start afresh and contribute to various noble causes.

Recent Discussions and Concerns

More recently, the Daily Express published an article discussing an argument against the imposition of a 100% inheritance tax. This raises the question: why did they feel the need to publish such an article? The fact that it’s being debated in the background is cause for concern. While we may not see it as a prominent topic, it appears to be simmering behind closed doors.

The Wealth Tax Commission

In my previous videos, I’ve highlighted the Wealth Tax Commission, which has been lurking in the shadows since 2019. This proposal, introduced under the leadership of Boris Johnson, seems like another potential cash grab or asset grab that could be unleashed by a future government. It’s been left to fester, supposedly under consultation, just like many other controversial policies.

A Sinister Agenda?

The prospect of a 100% inheritance tax is disturbing, but it raises broader questions about the government’s intentions. Some believe that those in power are desperate to access the trillions of pounds of equity held by individuals over 65. It’s difficult to ignore the economic challenges that have beset the UK, seemingly intentionally or through gross incompetence.


The Controversy Surrounding a 100% Inheritance Tax

– Discussions about a 100% inheritance tax have gained attention in recent times, raising concerns among the public.
– The concept of a 100% inheritance tax first gained prominence through articles like one in The Guardian by journalist Abby Wilkinson, who advocated for it as a means to start fresh for each new generation.
– The Daily Express published an article arguing against a 100% inheritance tax, prompting questions about why this topic is receiving attention.
– The Wealth Tax Commission, introduced in 2019 under Boris Johnson’s leadership, has been lingering as a potential asset grab by future governments.
– Some believe that those in power are eager to access the trillions of pounds of equity held by individuals over 65, raising concerns about the government’s intentions.
– The economic challenges facing the UK have led to speculation about whether these issues are the result of intentional actions or gross incompetence.
– Staying informed and engaged in policy discussions is crucial to shaping the future of society in alignment with personal values and beliefs.

As concerned citizens, it’s our responsibility to stay informed about policy discussions that could significantly impact our lives and finances. While the idea of a 100% inheritance tax may seem remote, it’s essential to remain vigilant and informed. The direction our government takes, whether intentionally or not, affects us all.

I’ll continue to monitor this topic closely, and I urge you to do the same. If you come across any information or developments related to this issue, please don’t hesitate to share them with me. It’s only by staying informed and engaged that we can hope to shape the future of our society in a way that aligns with our values and beliefs.



Read the full article written by Abi Wilkinson for the Guardian HERE

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