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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

Antony Antoniou Luxury Property Expert in Northampton

Antony Antoniou Luxury Property Expert in Northampton

Antony Antoniou Luxury Property Expert in Northampton

Marketing Luxury Homes throughout Northamptonshire


Antony Antoniou has been involved in property in the Northampton area for decades. With experience in every sector of property, Antony is best placed to market homes throughout Northamptonshire, as he has extensive knowledge of the area, the market and property as a whole.

After many years of being involved directly in property, including everything from developing and selling, to rental and management, Antony moved on to launch his most recent agency in 2020, which was an instant success, inspiring a re-brand shortly afterwards, so that the company was better placed to take advantage of the request to collaborate from developers throughout the UK and from overseas.

Currently Trellows Estate Agents enjoys phenomenal growth and at the time of writing this article, it has over 3,000 listings, ranking it very highly in the UK Estate Agent’s league tables. The company has grown to represent properties in several overseas countries including Spain, Greece, Cyprus and Dubai. Trellows Estate Agents is gradually building a team of professional agents internationally and also boasts a team of digital marketers, offering their clients properties unprecedented exposure, which is second to none.

Whilst being delighted at the exponential growth of his company, Antony still takes enormous pleasure from doing what he does best, which is directly selling properties in and around Northamptonshire. Recently moving more towards discreet marketing, an area that most agents only mention as a token gesture, but do not actively pursue, as it involves much more work than simply placing a property on the portals and waiting for enquiries. However Antony has his finger on the pulse of the property market as usual and is fully aware, that an increasing number of sellers do not want their home to be made available to anyone in public, due to concerns about privacy and most of all security. When your home is placed on a portal, it is very easy for those with a less than genuine interest, to establish a feel for your home and more importantly, what is in it! Following a sharp increase of luxury property that is on the market being ‘cased’ by criminals, sellers are delighted when they discover an agent that will guarantee that their home will not appear on any property portal and prospective buyers will only receive further information after being qualified and consenting to a confidentiality agreement.

Unlike mainstream Estate Agents who are more interested in the numbers, (their numbers) Antony always demonstrates unhindered dedication to his clients and their homes. This includes creating a bespoke marketing strategy for them, exploring every avenue for adding value to their home, that may be appealing to potential buyers, thus increasing interest and ultimately achieving a higher selling price and to add to this, unlike other agents, sellers will only deal with one person, who is an expert and completely familiar with their home, from start to finish.

If you would like to know more about the unique way that Antony can achieve the best possible price for your home and how this can be done discreetly, for your peace of mind, get in touch using the form below.


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