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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

Should we plant trees on graves?

I saw this post somewhere and it got me thinking……………

Whilst we all want some sort of physical tribute to our loved ones who have passed, the issue of acres and acres of land that is covered in concrete headstones, memorials, pergolas and all manner of structures that do not really contribute to the aesthetics of the environment.

This should make us all think

It would be a very difficult change for most of us, but from now on, every time you visit or even pass a cemetery, take five minutes to stop and look, then imagine if there were a beautiful tree for every grave, how beautiful, serene and environmentally considerate that would be.

This may be traditional, but it is also an eyesore.

On the continent, the issue is greater, where it is customary to install large monuments, pergolas and other memorials, all with different designs, that slowly begin to suffer from neglect as their loved ones begin to age and pass away. They are all constructed to different designs and vary widely, eventually turning a large expanse of space that should be a beautiful tribute to those we have lost in to an eyesore.

Would it not be better that we all contribute to the environment when we pass

Many of us will struggle to accept this, perhaps it will feel that there is no tribute to our loved ones, maybe this is our way to hold on to them, but our environment is becoming a concrete jungle, it would take a broad change in our mindset, but this could change our urban thinking forever. The question is, do we want to leave behind us, beautiful gardens of remembrance, or decaying structures?  This is a conversation that we should all be having soon, what are your thoughts?


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Eric Smith
Eric Smith
2 years ago

This has made me think, imagine if every cemetery were a forest, wouldn’t that be wonderful? Perhaps there could be a single monument with the names of all the deceased?