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Heat Pumps are being exposed for what they are

Heat Pumps are being exposed for what they are

The Truth About Heat Pumps


Months ago, I made a video expressing my strong dislike for heat pumps and explaining why I believe they are horrid contraptions unsuitable for most UK homes. That video sparked controversy, though I revelled in the criticism it drew. Since then, heat pumps have faced growing negative publicity around failing to adequately warm houses, being costly to operate, creating noise issues with neighbours, and more.



The New Energy Bill

With Rishi Sunak’s popularity declining amidst calls for his ousting, he’s withdrawn aspects of the controversial new Energy Bill to appease the public. But don’t be fooled – just a week prior, he pushed through legislation making heat pump installation in homes mandatory by 2028, with fines up to £5,000 or even prison time for non-compliance. This places innocent homeowners in an impossible position, forced by law to install expensive and inadequate heating systems in their homes.

Some claim carbon emissions and climate change demand this move away from gas boilers, but the UK only contributes 1% of global emissions. And in their haste to meet net zero targets, lawmakers ignore the limitations of immature technologies like heat pumps and suffering it will cause. There are better paths forward, but money and power blind policymakers to more reasonable alternatives.

Insulation Requirements

For a heat pump to work properly, a home needs an energy efficiency rating of A or B. A B+ might suffice with some woolly knickers for winter. Truthfully, if your home had adequate insulation for a heat pump, you likely wouldn’t need one at all – a couple tea lights could probably provide sufficient warmth! I exaggerate slightly, but not much.

Do not install a heat pump without first undertaking extensive insulation upgrades to roof, walls, floors, windows, etc. We have some of the oldest housing stock in the world, much of it listed for preservation. Improving efficiency is impractical if not impossible. Expect costs of £15,000-£30,000 to make a Victorian terrace house suitable for a heat pump. And after spending a fortune on insulation and a new heating system, you’ll still be cold if proper safeguards aren’t followed.

Most heat pump installations seen today fail to meet insulation and other requirements. Opportunistic salespeople peddle them to uninformed homeowners unfamiliar with the standards. Customers only discover the limitations after installation, left paying sky-high electric bills for inadequate warmth.

Theft Concerns

With heat pumps bolted to the outside of homes in full view, theft has skyrocketed. Gangs monitor properties with heat pumps, then steal them to resell or install elsewhere. Imagine having your gas boiler replaced with an expensive heat pump, only to have it stolen overnight and be left without heat. It’s a catastrophe in the making.

Yet theft incidents go unreported and under the radar. Police don’t prioritize these crimes, and media outlets ignore the problem to maintain the heat pump narrative. Only the unfortunate victims left freezing in winter understand the scale. The government must address this before the mandate creates an epidemic of retrofitted homes losing their primary heat source.

Other Options

Heat pump technology may one day improve, but what we have today is utterly unprepared for mass adoption. Instead of mandates and oppression, we should incentivize heat pump installation only for suitable homes meeting efficiency requirements. Other paths like hydrogen boilers, solar thermal, geothermal, biofuels, and district heat networks need exploration too.

Our leaders Must make policy based on technology readiness and public interest rather than arbitrarily picking winners. Home comfort and affordability should take priority over hypothetically saving a fraction of a percent of global emissions. People require a diversity of choices for heat decarbonization reflecting the diversity of UK housing stock.


In summary, I challenge any heat pump salespeople defending these contraptions to have an open discussion and reveal themselves, rather than hiding behind hostile anonymous comments. If you happily take hard-earned money to install unsuitable heat pumps in people’s homes under false pretences, then you are nothing more than opportunistic scammers. The government and media enable this racket that will ultimately harm millions of households.

I welcome your feedback and any questions about heat pumps or home improvements. Moving forward requires honesty about the technology’s current limitations. Only then can we find the right solutions benefitting people over politics. Thank you for reading!

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