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Property Market Update: Northampton NN11 – July 2023

Property Market Update: Northampton NN11 – July 2023

**House Prices in NN11: A Look at the Real Estate Market**

If you’ve been keeping an eye on the property market in NN11, you might be interested to know that properties in this area have experienced some significant changes over the last year. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the numbers and explore the average house prices, property types, and recent sales in NN11, located in the West Northamptonshire region of the United Kingdom.

**Average House Prices in NN11**

Over the last year, the average house price in NN11 reached an impressive £325,194. This figure reflects the combined sales of various property types in the area.

**Property Types and Their Average Prices**

Detached properties dominated the sales in NN11 during the last year, with an average price of £461,155. For those looking for more affordable options, semi-detached properties sold for an average of £293,017, while terraced properties fetched an average of £243,871.

**Rising Prices in NN11**

Property prices in NN11 have been on an upward trend. In comparison to the previous year, sold prices increased by 8%, showing a positive growth in the market. Moreover, the current prices are up by a remarkable 16% compared to the peak prices recorded in 2020, when the average property was valued at £279,961.

**Recent Property Sales in NN11**

Let’s take a closer look at some recent property sales in NN11:

1. **Howletts End, Croft Lane, Staverton, Daventry, West Northamptonshire NN11 6JE**
– Property Type: 4 bed, detached
– Sale Price: £625,000
– Date Sold: 12 May 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

2. **Old Mill House, Banbury Road, Moreton Pinkney, Daventry, West Northamptonshire NN11 3SQ**
– Property Type: Detached
– Sale Price: £870,000
– Date Sold: 11 May 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

3. **15, Clarkes Way, Welton, Daventry, West Northamptonshire NN11 2JJ**
– Property Type: 5 bed, detached
– Sale Price: £755,000
– Date Sold: 28 Apr 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

4. **51, Royal Star Drive, Daventry, West Northamptonshire NN11 9FZ**
– Property Type: 3 bed, detached
– Sale Price: £320,000
– Date Sold: 28 Apr 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

5. **1, Spenser Crescent, Daventry, West Northamptonshire NN11 9DX**
– Property Type: 3 bed, semi-detached
– Sale Price: £290,000
– Date Sold: 28 Apr 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

These are just a few examples of the recent property sales in NN11, showcasing the variety of housing options available in the area.

The real estate market in NN11 is evidently thriving, with rising prices and a diverse range of properties available to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a detached family home or a charming terraced property, NN11 has something to offer to potential homeowners and investors alike.

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