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Property Market Update: Northampton NN12 – July 2023

Property Market Update: Northampton NN12 – July 2023

**House Prices in NN12: A Look at the Soaring Real Estate Market**

The real estate market in NN12, West Northamptonshire, has been experiencing significant growth in recent years. According to the latest data, properties in NN12 had an overall average price of £434,956 over the last year. This represents a remarkable 9% increase compared to the previous year and an impressive 16% surge since the peak in 2018, when the average price was £375,083.

*Detached Properties:*

The majority of sales in NN12 during the last year were for detached properties, which have been in high demand. On average, detached homes were sold for £572,196. These spacious and private properties are attracting buyers who value space and luxury, contributing to their higher average price.

*Semi-Detached Properties:*

Semi-detached properties in NN12 were also sought-after and commanded an average price of £337,460. These homes, offering a balance between space and affordability, are appealing to families and individuals looking for a place to call their own.

*Terraced Properties:*

Terraced properties in NN12 had an average selling price of £300,915. These homes, often found in established neighborhoods, offer a comfortable and cozy living space at a more affordable price point.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the properties that were sold recently in NN12:

1. **19, Tyrrell Way, Towcester, West Northamptonshire NN12 7AS**
– Property Type: 3 bed, terraced
– Sold for £280,000 on 17 May 2023 (Freehold)

2. **19, Hollyhill, Towcester, West Northamptonshire NN12 6TD**
– Property Type: 4 bed, detached
– Sold for £400,000 on 12 May 2023 (Freehold)

3. **53, Catterick Way, Towcester, West Northamptonshire NN12 6NX**
– Property Type: Semi-Detached
– Sold for £254,950 on 4 May 2023 (Freehold)

4. **47, Plessey Close, Towcester, West Northamptonshire NN12 6HY**
– Property Type: Semi-Detached
– Sold for £260,000 on 28 Apr 2023 (Freehold)

5. **22, Park View Road, Towcester, West Northamptonshire NN12 6AL**
– Property Type: 3 bed, semi-detached
– Sold for £375,000 on 28 Apr 2023 (Freehold)

The real estate market in NN12 is diverse, offering a wide range of property types to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a detached luxury home, a cozy semi-detached property, or a budget-friendly terraced house, NN12 has something for everyone.

Investors and homeowners alike are finding NN12 to be an attractive location due to its growing amenities, excellent schools, and proximity to major transportation routes. The rise in property prices is a reflection of the area’s popularity and the increasing demand for housing.

If you’re considering buying or selling a property in NN12, it’s essential to keep a close eye on market trends and seek the guidance of experienced real estate professionals. With the market showing such robust growth, it’s crucial to make informed decisions to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the current real estate landscape in NN12.

In conclusion, the property market in NN12 has been on an upward trajectory, with impressive gains in average house prices. The appeal of detached properties, coupled with the charm of semi-detached and terraced homes, has contributed to the region’s real estate success. As demand continues to rise, it’s an exciting time for both buyers and sellers in NN12’s thriving property market.

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