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Property Market Update: Northampton NN14 – July 2023

Property Market Update: Northampton NN14 – July 2023

If you’re thinking about buying or selling a property in NN14, you’re probably curious about the current state of the housing market in the area. Here, we’ll delve into the data on house prices in NN14 and explore some recent sales to get a better understanding of the trends.

Over the last year, properties in NN14 have shown an overall average price of £320,069. This figure is derived from a range of property types that were sold in the area. Let’s take a closer look at the different property types and their average selling prices:

1. Detached Properties: The majority of sales in NN14 during the last year were detached properties, which sold for an average price of £427,446. Detached homes typically offer more space and privacy, making them a popular choice for families and those seeking a bit of seclusion.

2. Semi-Detached Properties: Semi-detached properties had an average selling price of £270,758. These homes strike a balance between the spaciousness of detached properties and the affordability of terraced houses.

3. Terraced Properties: Terraced properties in NN14 fetched an average price of £241,138. These homes are often sought after by first-time buyers and those looking for a more affordable option.

It’s interesting to note that the overall sold prices in NN14 have experienced a 5% increase compared to the previous year. Moreover, they have seen a significant 17% increase compared to the peak in 2020, when the average price was £274,134. These figures indicate a steady rise in property values in the area, which could be attractive to potential sellers.

Now, let’s explore some recent property sales in NN14:

Date Sold Property Type Price Tenure
9 May 2023 Flat 2, King Street £95,000 Leasehold
5 May 2023 The Old Bakehouse £635,000 Freehold
2 May 2023 13 Gladstone Street £179,995 Freehold
28 Apr 2023 80 Harrington Road £262,000 Freehold
24 Apr 2023 16 Cransley Hill £232,250 Freehold
21 Apr 2023 34 Ragsdale Street £185,000 Freehold
21 Apr 2023 23 Chancery Lane £298,000 Freehold
20 Apr 2023 10 Spencer Road £325,000 Freehold
18 Apr 2023 85 Harrington Road £550,000 Freehold
14 Apr 2023 11 Mulberry Close £320,000 Freehold
14 Apr 2023 21 Arden Road £347,500 Freehold
14 Apr 2023 2 Huntingdon Road £238,000 Freehold
13 Apr 2023 70 Gladstone Street £120,000 Freehold
12 Apr 2023 4 Lammas Close £775,000 Freehold
12 Apr 2023 8 High Street £265,000 Freehold
6 Apr 2023 35 Harrington Road £248,000 Freehold
6 Apr 2023 50 Back Lane £575,000 Freehold
4 Apr 2023 1 Sissinghurst Drive £413,750 Freehold
4 Apr 2023 18 Sackville Street £353,000 Freehold
3 Apr 2023 2 Sherborne Way £381,000 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 17 Cransley Street £175,000 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 11 Chestnut Drive £289,950 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 17 Braybrooke Road £257,500 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 26 Thistle Drive £240,000 Freehold
31 Mar 2023 38 Willow Lane £490,000 Freehold

These recent sales give us a glimpse into the property market’s current activity in NN14. It’s evident that properties vary in price based on their location, size, and tenure. If you’re considering buying or selling a property in NN14, it’s essential to research recent sales and consult with local estate agents to make informed decisions.

Please bear in mind that property prices can fluctuate, and the data provided is based on the information available at the time of writing. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, it’s recommended to consult with a qualified property professional or conduct thorough research through reliable sources.

In conclusion, the property market in NN14 seems to be showing positive signs with overall increasing prices. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, understanding the local market trends can help you make well-informed decisions for your property journey. Happy house hunting!

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