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Property Market Update – Northampton NN3 – July 2023

NN3 House Prices Soar: A Look at the Property Market Trends


The real estate market in NN3, Northampton, has witnessed significant growth over the past year, with house prices reaching new heights. In this blog post, we will delve into the recent trends and explore the average prices for different property types. Whether you are a prospective buyer, seller, or simply interested in the local property market, this information will provide valuable insights.

Rising Prices and Property Types:

Over the last year, the average house price in NN3 stood at an impressive £303,447. This indicates a remarkable 6% increase compared to the previous year and an even more notable 18% rise from the 2020 peak of £258,251. These figures highlight the buoyant state of the property market in NN3.

Semi-detached properties emerged as the most popular choice among buyers, accounting for the majority of sales in the area. On average, a semi-detached property in NN3 sold for £278,390. Detached properties commanded a higher price tag, with an average selling price of £433,081. Terraced properties, while more affordable, still fetched a respectable average price of £227,311.

Sold Properties in NN3:

A total of 18,364 properties were sold in NN3 during the specified period. Let’s take a closer look at some of the recently sold properties to gain a better understanding of the market dynamics.

1. 44, Lowick Court, Moulton, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN3 7TZ
– Type: 3 bed, terraced
– Price: £265,000
– Date sold: 11 Apr 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

2. 14, Tarrant Close, Moulton, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN3 7UT
– Type: 2 bed, detached
– Price: £345,000
– Date sold: 6 Apr 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

3. 71, Dore Close, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN3 8NJ
– Type: 2 bed, semi-detached
– Price: £190,000
– Date sold: 5 Apr 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

4. 9, Booth Rise, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN3 6HP
– Type: 3 bed, semi-detached
– Price: £400,000
– Date sold: 5 Apr 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

5. 2, Bluebells Way, Moulton, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN3 7TE
– Type: Detached
– Price: £600,000
– Date sold: 3 Apr 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

It’s evident from these examples that a wide range of properties were sold in NN3, catering to various budgets and preferences. From affordable terraced houses to spacious detached properties, buyers had diverse options to choose from.


The NN3 property market has experienced robust growth, reflected in the soaring house prices over the past year. Semi-detached properties, in particular, were in high demand, but detached and terraced houses also commanded considerable interest. With a 6% increase in average house prices and a significant rise from the 2020 peak, NN3 presents a lucrative market for both buyers and sellers.

Whether you are considering buying or selling a property in NN3, it is advisable to keep track of market trends and consult with local real

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