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Property Market Update – Northampton NN4 – July 2023

Property Market Update – Northampton NN4 – July 2023

House Prices in NN4 Rise Significantly: A Market Overview


The housing market in NN4, Northampton, has experienced remarkable growth over the past year. With an average price of £335,906, properties in this area have witnessed a substantial increase in value. In this blog post, we will delve into the sales trends and explore the types of properties sold, shedding light on the changing landscape of the NN4 housing market.

Sales Trends and Property Types:
Over the last year, NN4 saw a total of 15,354 properties sold. Detached properties dominated the market, commanding an average price of £470,396. Semi-detached properties followed suit, selling for an average of £285,950, while terraced properties fetched an average of £249,091.

Price Appreciation:

The sold prices in NN4 have experienced remarkable growth, rising by 9% compared to the previous year. Furthermore, there has been a staggering 19% increase when compared to the peak prices recorded in 2020, where the average price stood at £283,305. This upward trajectory highlights the desirability and investment potential of properties in NN4.

Highlighted Sales Records:

Let’s take a closer look at some notable sales records in NN4 over the past year:

1. 236 London Road, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN4 8AX:
– Property Type: 3 bed, semi-detached
– Sale Price: £285,000
– Date of Sale: 31st March 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

2. 38 Hammerstone Lane, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN4 8US:
– Property Type: 1 bed, semi-detached
– Sale Price: £152,000
– Date of Sale: 31st March 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

3. Flat 4, 27 Henry Bird Way, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN4 8GE:
– Property Type: Flat
– Sale Price: £100,000
– Date of Sale: 31st March 2023
– Tenure: Leasehold

4. 23 Wakehurst Drive, Northampton, West Northamptonshire NN4 0TN:
– Property Type: 4 bed, detached
– Sale Price: £468,000
– Date of Sale: 23rd March 2023
– Tenure: Freehold

These sales records exemplify the diversity in property types and the range of prices in NN4. From detached houses to flats, the market caters to a variety of buyer preferences.


The NN4 housing market has experienced impressive growth, with average house prices reaching £335,906 over the past year. The majority of sales were in the detached property category, showcasing their higher average price of £470,396. The market’s upward trajectory, with prices rising by 9% compared to the previous year and 19% from the 2020 peak, highlights the attractiveness of NN4 as a property investment destination.

Whether you’re a prospective buyer or an investor, the NN4 housing market presents opportunities worth considering. As prices continue to appreciate, the market’s potential for future growth makes it an exciting area to explore for both homeowners and investors alike.

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