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SBI Offers BTL Mortgages at 3.9%

SBI Offers BTL Mortgages at 3.9%

Exciting News for Homebuyers: State Bank of India UK Offers Game-Changing Mortgage Rates!


It was just yesterday that I made a prediction about the future of mortgage rates in the UK, but it seems that the financial landscape can change faster than we expect. In this exciting update, we’ll delve into the latest development in the mortgage market, with the State Bank of India’s UK branch offering an incredible two-year fixed-rate buy-to-let mortgage at 3.9 percent. Let’s dive into the details of this groundbreaking offer and what it means for potential homebuyers.


The Surprise Announcement:

Not long after I posted my video discussing the potential for lower mortgage rates, the State Bank of India’s UK branch made headlines by offering a remarkable mortgage deal. Contrary to my prediction of rates dropping to 4.5 percent or slightly less by the end of next month, they have gone a step further. The State Bank of India has set a new standard by offering a two-year fixed-rate buy-to-let mortgage at just 3.9 percent.

Understanding the Offer:

While this offer is undoubtedly enticing, it’s essential to note that it comes with a five percent fee, which some may find relatively high. However, this rate is a significant improvement compared to where the mortgage market stood just two or three months ago. While other lenders have also lowered their rates, none have breached the sub-4.5 percent threshold yet.

The Significance of this Offer:

The State Bank of India’s ability to offer such a competitive rate suggests that they have successfully sourced funds at or below this rate. This development is not only remarkable for those looking to secure a mortgage but also indicative of potential shifts in the overall mortgage market.

Important Details:

This offer is specifically for buy-to-let purchases and is available at a 50 percent loan-to-value ratio. It’s an exciting prospect for both current and prospective homeowners.

What’s Next:

The mortgage market has been in a state of flux over the last few months, marked by a significant decline in volume. Lenders have been cautiously waiting for stability and interest rate trends. While this offer from the State Bank of India is undoubtedly a positive sign, it remains to be seen if it signifies a lasting reprieve.

Expect Better Deals:

With this development, it’s reasonable to expect other lenders to respond by offering more competitive deals in the coming days and weeks. Homebuyers and investors should keep a close eye on the market for emerging opportunities.

How to Get in Touch:

If this mortgage offer piques your interest, you can find more information by searching for the State Bank of India UK online. You should be able to contact them directly for further details. Additionally, I will continue to monitor the market closely and update you on any other fantastic deals that may arise.


The State Bank of India UK’s groundbreaking mortgage offer at 3.9 percent is a game-changer in the UK’s mortgage market. While the five percent fee may be a consideration, this development suggests positive changes in the lending landscape. Keep an eye out for more exciting deals in the coming days and weeks, and don’t hesitate to reach out to the State Bank of India UK if you’re interested in this remarkable offer. Stay tuned for further updates as the mortgage market continues to evolve.

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