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Antony Antoniou – Luxury Property Expert

Commercial Investment Opportunity Agia Napa Cyprus

Anaselia Hotel Cyprus

Anaselia Beach Resort is a luxury resort in Cyprus– Ayia Napa that was established to cater to the locals as well as visitors and tourists and also to make profit as well. We will offer our customers the ultimate place for them to have fun and relax. Our location across 300 meters of waterfront property has afforded us a vantage point over our competitors as we are located close to some of the world’s famous beaches that attract locals and visitors alike. We intend to fully utilize our location to full advantage.

Anaselia Beach Resort is a major tourist destination that intends to offer its customers several services all aimed at generating fun and relaxation. We are strategically located in an area which we intend to maximize to our benefit. Even though our core service is to ensure that all our various customers can relax and have fun as well, we intend to ensure that we create other multiple sources of income that will also generate revenue for our business. Some of the services and products that we intend to offer at Anaselia Beach Resort are;

✓ Room rentals for private and corporate individuals

✓ Sales of drinks and food

✓ Facility rental for private and corporate events (Wedding venues – Ceremony- Party)

✓ Facility rental for Conferences and Business meetings

✓ Facilities for Spa and Fitness

✓ Training

Download the Anaselia Hotel Investment Overview HERE

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